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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Paulina have an aversion?
(a) Cooking.
(b) The field of medicine.
(c) Cats.
(d) Lawyers.

2. Why is Gerardo apologetic?
(a) He forgot to pick up the dry cleaning.
(b) He is quite late for dinner.
(c) He forgot to pick his wife up at the airport.
(d) He burns dinner.

3. Who invites the person in the car in for a drink?
(a) The grandmother.
(b) Gerardo Escobar.
(c) No one invites the driver inside.
(d) Paulina Salas.

4. What does Roberto say he enjoys when his wife and children are away?
(a) Drinking a whole bottle of scotch.
(b) His poker buddies.
(c) Solitude.
(d) Staying up all night watching movies.

5. Why is the stage lighting the way it was?
(a) It takes place at a disco.
(b) It's a bright, sunny day.
(c) A cloud has passed over the moon.
(d) There is no light because the audience is not supposed to see the characters in this scene.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after Gerardo and Paulina go to bed?

2. What is Gerardo yelling through the bedroom door?

3. Who does Roberto mention as being gone at the moment?

4. How does Paulina feel about the possibility of these people going to trial?

5. What has Roberto heard?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Gerardo and Paulina enter the scene and what do they do?

2. What does Roberto finally say is his real purpose for stopping?

3. What does Gerardo say Paulina remembers about her torture and how does Roberto respond?

4. What does Gerardo tell Paulina was missing from his car and what does she say?

5. Why does Gerardo plead with Roberto to confess?

6. What does Paulina get when she goes back in the spare bedroom?

7. With whom is Gerardo speaking and about what?

8. What does Roberto tell Gerardo about his stopping at their house?

9. What happens when Gerardo asks Paulina for the gun?

10. What does Gerardo first do when he gets home?

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