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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Gerardo lie to Paulina about the commission position?
(a) He thought she'd be angry.
(b) He knew her father would be arrested.
(c) He wanted to let Paulina feel that she had some say in the matter.
(d) He doesn't think it was any of her business.

2. Where is the person in question #1 sitting?
(a) In the President's office.
(b) In the backyard.
(c) In the kitchen.
(d) On the terrace.

3. When Paulina goes to the guest bedroom door, what does she do?
(a) She listens outside the door.
(b) She doesn't go to the guest bedroom door.
(c) She shoots through the door.
(d) She pounds on it.

4. What seems probable by Paulina's behavior while listening to the two men?
(a) That she is not honorable because she is eavesdropping.
(b) That she is bi-polar.
(c) That she is happy that Gerardo invites Roberto to stay over.
(d) That she knows Roberto.

5. What does Paulina say there is none of in the house?
(a) Mayonnaise.
(b) Mustard.
(c) Ham.
(d) Pickles.

6. Who invites the person in the car in for a drink?
(a) Paulina Salas.
(b) No one invites the driver inside.
(c) The grandmother.
(d) Gerardo Escobar.

7. One is one explanation for Paulina's actions to Roberto?
(a) Playfulness.
(b) They are going to play a joke on Gerardo.
(c) Revenge.
(d) She's always wanted to tie up a man and slap him around.

8. Who does Paulina blame for her not finishing school?
(a) Her mother-in-law.
(b) Gerardo.
(c) Dr. Miranda.
(d) Herself.

9. Where does Paulina find Roberto's keys?
(a) In his pants pocket.
(b) On the kitchen table.
(c) In his jacket.
(d) On the bedside table.

10. Where does Paulina go after rummaging through the drawer?
(a) Out the front door.
(b) To Gerardo's door.
(c) To the kitchen.
(d) To Roberto's door.

11. What does Paulina do with the keys?
(a) Throws them over the balcony into the lake.
(b) Hides them in the kitchen.
(c) Drives away in Roberto's car.
(d) Hits Roberto in the face with them.

12. What is Paulina's general demeanor during this scene?
(a) Purposeful.
(b) Joyful.
(c) Depressed.
(d) Timid.

13. How does Gerardo act when Paulina is explaining about the car jack?
(a) He ignores her.
(b) He slaps her.
(c) He can't hear her.
(d) He is sputtering.

14. Why were Gerardo and Paulina frightened by a visitor in the middle of the night?
(a) They are afraid Paulina's mother is hurt.
(b) Paulina's father died when he answered the door at night.
(c) They think Gerardo's sister is in the hospital.
(d) It used to mean they might be arrested.

15. What happens to many students when the military was in control of the country?
(a) They are kicked out of school.
(b) They are given full scholarships.
(c) They are shot.
(d) They are asked to serve in the military.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the car's jack?

2. What does Roberto have in the trunk of his car?

3. What does Gerardo call their argument?

4. To what has Gerardo just been appointed?

5. What do the two men jest about as they say goodnight.

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