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Travel Agent.

As a travel agent convince a couple not to vacation in Paulina's country.

Drama Critic.

As a drama critic, write a review of the play, DEATH AND THE MAIDEN.

Write a Letter.

Write a letter from Paulina to Gerardo explaining her feelings about what she did.

Mock Trial.

Hold a trial for Roberto.

Write a Diary.

Write a month of diary entries that Paulina writes while in prison.

Write a Journal.

Write a month of entries in a journal that Gerardo kept while Paulina was in prison.

Film Poster.

Design a poster which advertises the play, DEATH AND THE MAIDEN.

What if?

Writers often ask themselves "What if?" when looking for plot twists and story development. Choose a point in the play (anywhere you like) where you could create an alternative plot twist. Develop your idea into a story. Present it as a conventional narrative.

Trivial Game.

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