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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Daphne feel grumpy around Portia?
(a) Because she feels that Portia takes some of the attention away from her.
(b) Because she can't help associating Portia with Anna, whom she can't stand.
(c) Because she dislikes Portia's quiet demeanor.
(d) Because she enjoys having privacy, and feels that Portia has violated it.

2. What did Mr. Bursely call Portia?
(a) A wonderful future wife.
(b) A sweet little kid.
(c) A prize for the eyes.
(d) A charming little woman.

3. What are Eddie and Portia doing in the beginning of part 1, chapter 8?
(a) Going to the movie theater.
(b) Walking home from Portia's school.
(c) Walking in the park.
(d) Having tea.

4. What did Mrs. Quayne do when she received the news that Portia had been born?
(a) Played the piano until dinner.
(b) Mrs. Quayne never received the news of Portia's birth.
(c) Shut herself in her room for the rest of the day.
(d) Went out to lunch and didn't come back until late.

5. How did Major Brutt get to know Robert Pidgeon?
(a) They were wounded and on leave together.
(b) Robert and Major Brutt are related.
(c) Robert worked for Major Brutt.
(d) Major Brutt worked for Robert.

Short Answer Questions

1. What film are Anna, Thomas, and Portia watching in part 1, chapter 3?

2. What does Eddie tell Portia is important to him?

3. What does Matchett find when she tries to fluff Portia's pillow?

4. What does Eddie say to Portia about Anna?

5. How did Matchett feel about Mrs. Quayne sending Mr. Quayne away?

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