The Death of the Heart Character Descriptions

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Cecil Bowers - This character goes to dinner and a movie with the protagonist.

Major Eric E. J. Brutt - This character sends the protagonist a jigsaw puzzle.

Eddie - This character is twenty-three, charming, self-centered, a heavy drinker, and a ladies' man.

Daphne Heccomb - This character works at a library, and enjoys loud music.

Dickie Heccomb - This character has a job at a bank and lives at home, helping his stepmother with the expenses.

Mrs. Heccomb - This character owns a home at Seale-on-Sea, where there are often spontaneous dance parties.

Lilian - This character is sent the protagonist's school because she fell in love with the female cello teacher at a previous school.

R. Matchett - This character is a servant in the Quayne household.

St. Quentin Miller - This character is a writer of some fame, who is aloof and has...

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