Objects & Places from Death in the Long Grass

Peter H. Capstick
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This is a large-bodied predatory feline with a historical range covering most of Africa.


They are composed of three living species, two of which are endemic to Africa and one to India.


This is a medium-bodied predatory feline with a historic range covering most of Africa and southern Eurasia. Their range today is diminished though still impressive.

African Cape Buffalo

This is a large-bodied bovine often exceeding one ton in weight. They are enormously strong animals and demonstrate a remarkable tenacity of life, often prosecuting a charge subsequent to grievous injury.


This is a large, primarily herbivorous, mammal demonstrating a semi-aquatic lifestyle. During the day, they remain in water or deep mud.


This is one of a variety of species, and the word is often used to indicate related animals such as alligators.


Once considered among the 'big four' game animals of...

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