Death in the Long Grass Character Descriptions

Peter H. Capstick
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Peter Hathaway Capstick

Born in New Jersey, he attended the University of Virginia and worked on Wall Street briefly before beginning a series of hunting and travel jobs in South and Central America.

Silent and Invisible

In all respects, he is portrayed as the quintessential African tracker--able to locate nearly any animal in nearly any condition and exceptionally wise, nearly prescient, in predicting various animals' behavior.

Peter Hankin and Joe Joubert

After a long and successful career as a professional hunter, he led a group of photographers into a nature preserve where rifles were prohibited. He was subsequently attacked, killed, and partially eaten by a lion.

Len and Jean Harvey, Willy De Beer, and Colin Matthews

These individuals are attacked one night by a lion.

Paul Nielssen and Armando Bassi

One of these two characters was a professional hunter and associate of Capstick and the other was his...

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