Death and Judgment Short Essay - Answer Key

Donna Leon
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1. What is the first scene in the book? What time of year is it? Why are the scene and the weather important to the rest of the story?

The story begins in the mountains separating northern Italy from Austria. Although it is springtime, there has been an unexpected winter storm that is causing dangerous road conditions. The scene is important because the truck accident introduces the reader to the women being imported from Romania.

2. Explain the scene involving the truck in as much detail as possible. Include the location, the speed of the vehicle and where the truck came from in the first place.

While traveling in the area of Tarvisio, a sixteen-wheeled truck going 50 kilometers per hour and with Romanian license plates, brakes too hard on a curve and plummets off the side of a cliff. The truck lands in a gully and is badly damaged. Many people are dead including the truck's driver.

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