Objects & Places from Death and Judgment

Donna Leon
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This is a city in northern Italy known for its scenic beauty and the gondolas.


This is a European country that has many distinct regions and personalities.


This is one of the two main locales in the story, site of Favero's murder and jurisdiction for Capitano della Corte.

Brunetti Home

This is a modest place located not far from the center of Venice.


This is the police station where Brunetti works.


This is a popular spot to board a ferry for Venice.


This is located in the northern part of Italy, in the mountains near the border of Austria.

Intercity for Trieste train

This is the location of the first murder.


This is a small town located outside Venice and Padua.


This is one of the many locations from which girls are lured to Italy and then turned into prostitutes...

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