Death and Judgment Fun Activities

Donna Leon
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Collect Travel Information

Collect travel information on various parts of Italy. Plan an imaginary trip!

Design a Passport

Design your own passport to take on your imaginary trip.

Visit a Local Travel Agency

Visit a local travel agency to see how the operation works. How do they help people?

Watch a Police Interview

Watch a police interview in person or on television to see the process of getting information from witnesses or suspects.

Study Organized Crime

Read a book or watch a movie about organized crime and/or the mafia to learn more about the underworld and how it works.

Study Poisons

Study poisons and other substances that could be fatal to one's health. How are the items obtained? What happens when someone is poisoned?

Design a Disguise

Design a disguise that might be worn by a spy in the story.

Create Your Own Spy Identity

Create your...

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