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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 8, Blake thinks about a robbery done long ago by Legs, Finney and himself, at the house of an old lady whom they discovered kept what in the upstairs bedroom?

2. What does Blake smash Baz in the face with in Chapter 5?

3. How do Blake and the Munton brothers enter Hoppers in Chapter 10?

4. Who is the main killer among the Munton brothers?

5. Blake remembers asking Beth once if she thought he looked like who in Chapter 6?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are the Muntons pursuing Blake in Chapter 4? What foreshadowing is used in this chapter?

2. How does Blake describe the history of the Munton family in Chapter 7?

3. Why does Blake go early to the Paul Pry in Chapter 5?

4. What causes Baz to get the upper hand in fighting Blake in Chapter 5? What takes place in the fight?

5. How does the robbery begin in Chapter 10?

6. How does Blake's behavior reveal his inner emotions at Hoppers in Chapter 9?

7. What does Lee Munton solicit Blake's help for in Chapter 6? How does he coerce Blake?

8. What does Blake do to protect Fenton during the robbery in Chapter 10?

9. What do Blake and Sally call one another in their fight in Chapter 3?

10. What does Blake dream in the beginning of Chapter 6? Who awakens him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the setting of the River Clunge and the actions of Blake and Finney in Chapter 14. Why does Blake kill Danny by the river? Is he justified? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and analyze the characters of Blake, Finney and Leggsy in "Deadfolk". How trustworthy is Blake as a narrator and what opinions does he express of his friends?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the use of flashback in the narrative and the events described in the fire at Hoppers. How did Blake's actions put Beth at the scene of the fire?

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