Deadfolk Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is described in the news article which opens the book? To whose point of view does the narrative switch after the article?

Chapter 1 begins with a newspaper report of a woman's death at age 25 in the club called Hoppers. The article says the joint owner, Lee Munton, and Blake, age 28, were questioned. The story then switches to a first-person account by Blake, who is standing outside town on East Bloater Road.

2. How is the Meat Wagon described in Chapter 1? Who does Blake encounter from the Meat Wagon?

Blake sees a white van known as the Meat Wagon going past. The Meat Wagon's presence worries him, and he gets into his own Ford Capri and drives back toward his hometown, Mangel, but he then sees the Meat Wagon blocking the road. Lee Munton gets out. He wants to be sure Blake is not trying to leave town.

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