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This is a fictional town in England's West Country where the novel is set.


This bar is where Blake works as head doorman.

The Paul Pry

This is a pub favored by Blake, Legs and Finney.

East Bloater

This is a wooded community on the town's outskirts where Blake sometimes drives to look at the horizon.

Hurk Wood

This is a forested area where the Munton brothers take people to kill them.

The River Clunge

This is where Blake and Finney dispose of Baz Munton's corpse and where Blake sees Dan Draper fishing and kills him because he is a witness.

Leggsy's flat

This location is where Blake and Legs get together on several occasions to drink beer, watch television and work out problems or plans.

Norbert Green

This is the area of town where the Munton brothers live.

Alvin's Kebab Shop and Chippy

This location...

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