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Essay Topic 1

Analyze and discuss the narrative style of the book. In what person and tense is the story told? How does the narrative transition in the first chapter?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and analyze the characters of Blake, Finney and Leggsy in "Deadfolk". How trustworthy is Blake as a narrator and what opinions does he express of his friends?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the character of Sally and the relationship she shares with the protagonist. How long has Sally been seeing Blake? What characterizes their relationship?

Essay Topic 4

Describe and discuss the characters of Baz, Lee, Jess, and Tommy Munton. How does Blake describe the history of the Muntons in Mangel?

Essay Topic 5

Describe and discuss the colloquial dialect of the narrative. How easy is it to understand the idioms and slang used by the characters? What tone does the language lend to the novel?

Essay Topic 6

Describe and...

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