Deadfolk Character Descriptions

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Royston Blake

This narrator and protagonist is the 30-year-old head doorman at a popular bar in Mangel.


This character expresses pride over seeing a man he had hit with a car battery during a robbery years ago now brain-damaged and drooling beside his nurse.


This character is a good soccer player, albeit a dirty one, and lifts weights which keeps him in good shape.


This character used to work as a stripper at Hoppers and is known around town as a slapper or a woman of loose morals.

Beth Blake

This individual does not appear as a living character in the book, although her death provides a central point around which the plot revolves.

Mandy Munton

This 19-year-old character has had a crush on the protagonist since he kissed her when she was twelve-years-old.

Lee Munton

This eldest of three brothers is the one who...

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