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Stuart Woods
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Stone learns that Allison has been talking to __________________.
(a) an insurance investigator.
(b) the prosecuting attorney.
(c) the local media.
(d) her former boyfriend.

2. In Chapter 25, a woman arrives at the Shipwright's Arms claiming to be _______________.
(a) Allison Manning.
(b) Lucille Manning.
(c) Therese Manning.
(d) Arrington Carter.

3. What is Stone's last name?
(a) Weathers.
(b) Morrow.
(c) Barrington.
(d) Bingington.

4. What does Jim Forrester tell Stone about Allison's case?
(a) He knows that Allison drugged her husband.
(b) He used to date Allison.
(c) The prosecuting attorney has issued a gag order on the case.
(d) He had dinner with Paul and Allison in the Canary Islands.

5. Stone tells Jim Forrester that Allison will be ________________ if she is found guilty.
(a) hanged.
(b) imprisoned for life.
(c) given probation.
(d) given an appeal.

Short Answer Questions

1. The 60 Minutes reporter thinks that Allison is _____________.

2. The 60 Minutes segment will feature Allison as ____________________.

3. Allison tells Stone that Paul made monthly alimony payments to his first wife in the amount of _____________.

4. Stone has Allison give him two blank pieces of paper with her signature and _________________.

5. After the press conference, the media is invited to take photographs of ___________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Stone use Paul Manning's medical report in the coroner's inquest?

2. How does Stone manage the media and press conference for Allison?

3. What request does Sir Leslie make of the court regarding Stone?

4. What does Stone learn about Libby from Allison and why is he concerned that she has shown up?

5. What two possibilities for a faked death exist as revealed by Bob Cantor and what is Stone's opinion of these?

6. What does Stone learn about Paul Manning from his conversation with Bob Cantor?

7. What does Stone learn from Sir Leslie about the drastic punishment inflicted on guilty parties in St. Marks?

8. What is Stone's plan for putting some public pressure on Sir Winston regarding the case?

9. Why does Jim Forrester want to be present when Allison gives an interview to the reporter from 60 Minutes?

10. Who is Hilary Kramer and what is her role in the story?

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