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Stuart Woods
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 35-40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What frustrates Stone about working with Sir Leslie?
(a) Not enough investigation.
(b) The lack of funds to hire experts.
(c) No attention to detail.
(d) The lack of strategic planning.

2. Stone and Allison discuss whether or not Allison will be responsible for ___________________________.
(a) legal fees.
(b) expert fees.
(c) the contract with Libby.
(d) estate taxes.

3. What information does Paul's first wife give Stone?
(a) The yacht belongs to her.
(b) She killed Paul.
(c) She and Paul never divorced.
(d) Her child should inherit Paul's estate.

4. What is notable about Paul's medical report?
(a) He had joint problems.
(b) He was prime for a heart attack.
(c) He had Diabetes.
(d) He had Cancer.

5. Who is the Hollywood star who Stone's girlfriend wants to interview?
(a) Vance Calder.
(b) Marcus Grant.
(c) Phil Sloane.
(d) Dirk Morgan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Stone instructs Allison to call the yacht broker to have the new yacht moved to _________________.

2. Who is the interim barrister defending Allison?

3. Paul may have felt he was better off dead because of ____________________.

4. What was Stone's former profession?

5. Who comes to the Shipwright's Arms looking for Stone?

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