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Stuart Woods
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the judge make it impossible for Stone to do?
(a) Wear his own suits to court.
(b) Return to the U.S.
(c) Use his cell phone in the courtroom.
(d) Bring in another barrister.

2. Stone's girlfriend decides to stay in New York to ______________________.
(a) take care of a sick friend.
(b) look for a new job.
(c) meet her work deadline.
(d) continue her interviews with Vance Calder.

3. Who is the Minister of Justice on the island?
(a) Sir Paul McKenna.
(b) Sir James Clayton.
(c) Sir Philip Marberry.
(d) Sir Winston Sutherland.

4. What happened to the husband on board the ship?
(a) He was knocked unconscious.
(b) He got food poisoning.
(c) He had a heart attack and died.
(d) He got sunburned.

5. What awakens Stone and Allison while on the yacht?
(a) Gunshots.
(b) Thunder.
(c) Screams.
(d) Someone knocking on the door.

Short Answer Questions

1. On St. Marks, anyone convicted of a crime is often _____________________.

2. Where had the woman in #52 been vacationing?

3. What is Stone instructed to not put on in the courtroom?

4. Who is Stone's friend who had been making arrangements for another English barrister for Allison's trial?

5. Thomas gives Stone of list of ____________________.

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