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Stuart Woods
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 35-40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Stone calls his secretary to have her send $25,000 to whom?
(a) His ex-wife.
(b) His mortgage company.
(c) The IRS.
(d) Libby's mother.

2. What does Stone ask Thomas to do?
(a) Loan him some money.
(b) Accompany him on a stakeout.
(c) Arrange security on the dock.
(d) Loan him a video camera.

3. Stone's girlfriend decides to stay in New York to ______________________.
(a) take care of a sick friend.
(b) meet her work deadline.
(c) continue her interviews with Vance Calder.
(d) look for a new job.

4. Stone instructs Allison to call the yacht broker to have the new yacht moved to _________________.
(a) Mission Bay.
(b) Aruba.
(c) Guadeloupe.
(d) St. Thomas.

5. What does the man in #37 ask the judge immediately in the courtroom?
(a) If Stone can be admitted to the St. Mark's bar during the trial.
(b) If they can get a postponement of the trial.
(c) If the charges against Allison can be dropped.
(d) If they can get a change of venue for the trial.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sir Winston says that Allison could have pushed her husband overboard while he was _________________.

2. What was Stone's former profession?

3. What does Sir Leslie determine will be Stone's role in the trial?

4. What does Jim Forrester tell Stone about Allison's case?

5. In addition to a dead body, what else is recovered from the plane crash?

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