Objects & Places from Dead in the Water

Stuart Woods
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Paul Manning's Diary

This is on board the Expansive and has scenes for a new novel written inside.

Letter from Arrington

Stone learns that his girlfriend has married someone else via this communication.

Divorce Decree

Stone has a copy of this sent to him in St. Marks and learns that Paul Manning was supposed to pay alimony to Libby Manning for only ten years.

Allison-Libby Contract

This document gives Libby four hundred thousand dollars with the understanding that she will not try to get more money from Paul's estate.


Allison is supposedly hanged here in an inner courtyard at Government House.

Rubber Dinghy

Paul Manning claims that this was stolen off the Expansive and then he sent off to Barcelona to get another one.


This is one small, two-engine craft that flies between St. Marks and Antigua.

Insurance Policy

Paul Manning has this document on his...

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