Dead in the Water Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stuart Woods
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Chapters 1-4

• Stone Barringer, a former cop who is now a lawyer, is vacationing on St. Marks, a tropical island south of Antigua.

• Stone is waiting for the arrival of his girlfriend, Arrington Carter, who has been delayed by a meeting with a publisher about an exclusive interview with a Hollywood celebrity, Vance Calder.

• Stone watches a yacht come into the harbor with a woman seemingly its only passenger.

• The harbor officials climb aboard the yacht and the woman is taken into custody.
• Stone goes to a bar/restaurant called The Shipwright's Arms and meets the owner, Thomas, who tells Stone that the woman arrived in the harbor without her husband who had been on board when the yacht left the Canary Islands a month earlier.

• Stone attends the coroner's inquest regarding the death of the husband of Allison Manning, the woman on the yacht.

• Allison is questioned...

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