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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is no longer yawning when Elisha goes upstairs after the execution?
(a) Gad
(b) Ilana
(c) Joab
(d) Gideon

2. Gad owes his life to three ____________ who were supposed to be killed in a specific way as directed by the Old Man.
(a) Spies
(b) Mystics
(c) Englishmen
(d) Rabbis

3. Who has not eaten all day because he is upset about what is going to happen to John Dawson?
(a) Gideon
(b) Elisha
(c) Gad
(d) Joab

4. Those in the Movement have a _________, and if they deny this, then they cede victory to their enemy.
(a) Plan
(b) Prayer
(c) Code
(d) Leader

5. What does John Dawson think of Elisha's name and how it sounds?
(a) He thinks it's familiar to him
(b) He thinks it's musical
(c) He thinks it's appropriate
(d) He thinks it's horrible

Short Answer Questions

1. Due to a ventilation system, Dawson's room is actually much less ___________ than the room above.

2. At midnight, the dead leave the graveyard to go to the __________, not to pray, but to eat.

3. What does Elisha decide to do instead of going outside to freeze in the cold?

4. "In a way, we are the ones to _________ John Dawson. Because you can't do it without us. Now, do you see?"

5. The woman in the work camp likes making love to ____________ who are about to die.

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Ilana do to narrowly escape her own death, according to her recollection?

2. What does John Dawson reveal about his appetite on the last night before his execution?

3. What did Gad do to narrowly escape his own death, according to his recollection?

4. What is the macabre reasoning for Catherine's desire to make love to Elisha at the youth camp in Normandy?

5. What does Elisha ask John Dawson about when he sees how slender his fingers and hands are?

6. Why is Elisha positive that John Dawson will not want anything to eat during his time being captured?

7. What happened to Stefan at the concentration camp where Elisha was held as well?

8. What does John refuse to do when Elisha is preparing to kill him?

9. Who are some of the dead people that Elisha begins to see in the room around him?

10. Why does the room feel crowded to Elisha as the clock ticks past midnight in the chapter?

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