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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Due to a ventilation system, Dawson's room is actually much less ___________ than the room above.
(a) Airy
(b) Stuffy
(c) Cold
(d) Hot

2. Elisha comments that Dawson's hands are the hands of a _______________.
(a) Laborer
(b) Gentleman
(c) Baker
(d) Surgeon

3. What does Elisha describe his state as when Ilana asks him if he is hot?
(a) Melting
(b) Stifling
(c) Sweating
(d) Burning up

4. What is John Dawson staring at when Elisha enters his room to meet him?
(a) The window
(b) TV
(c) The pillow
(d) Ceiling

5. What does the beggar tell Elisha as Elisha walks around asking questions of everyone?
(a) This is a night of many faces
(b) This is a night of darkness
(c) This is a night to remember
(d) This is a night of mystery

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gad reply when Elisha asks what he would have done if the men hadn't made a choice?

2. Those in the Movement have a _________, and if they deny this, then they cede victory to their enemy.

3. The boy tells Elisha, "You are the ________ of all that we have been," as Elisha begs for answers.

4. Elisha's master's eyes are like two globes of _________, two suns that burn his face.

5. _____________ is praying for the repose of the dead when Elisha comes upstairs.

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are some of the dead people that Elisha begins to see in the room around him?

2. What does the boy tell Elisha about all of the faces that Elisha sees around him in the room?

3. What did Ilana do to narrowly escape her own death, according to her recollection?

4. What does John Dawson reveal about his appetite on the last night before his execution?

5. What does the beggar do to Elisha when Elisha begs for answers about the meaning of his words?

6. What do each of the people around the table slowly talk about as they are sitting together?

7. What does John refuse to do when Elisha is preparing to kill him?

8. What is the macabre reasoning for Catherine's desire to make love to Elisha at the youth camp in Normandy?

9. What does John Dawson request from Elisha after he begins to pace around the room?

10. What happened to Stefan at the concentration camp where Elisha was held as well?

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