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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Elisha when the story begins?
(a) 18
(b) 20
(c) 17
(d) 25

2. David ben Moshe's death sentence is the __________ death sentence the mandatory power in Palestine has imposed on the people of the Movement.
(a) 10th
(b) Second
(c) First
(d) 9th

3. What kind of job is taking place when David ben Moshe is wounded and captured by the English?
(a) Trap
(b) Hard job
(c) Recon
(d) Soft job

4. Elisha is now hearing about Jews, not as ___________, but as fighters who are simply claiming what is theirs.
(a) Lenders
(b) Victims
(c) Slaves
(d) Warriors

5. The fighters in the Movement have been attacking under the cover of __________, taking the English by surprise.
(a) Darkness
(b) Disguises
(c) English uniforms
(d) Trees

Short Answer Questions

1. The Movement's objective is to kill the greatest number of __________ possible.

2. When Gad offers to give Elisha a ____________, Elisha sees Gad as a Meshulah.

3. Gad and David are childhood friends who entered the __________ together.

4. One can distinguish between night and day by looking at a man's ___________, according to the beggar.

5. An hour earlier, who relayed the decision of the Old Man to Elisha?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the lesson of the grizzled master that Elisha remembers when he learns about the idea of killing others?

2. What has Elisha done every night since learning the lesson of the beggar as it was taught to him?

3. How is David ben Moshe treated around the world during the time of conflict after his capture?

4. How did Elisha, the main character, come to be in France after the events of WWII?

5. What does Ilana say to John Dawson's mother during her radio program?

6. What will happen to David ben Moshe as a result of his capture by the English?

7. Why didn't Elisha want to return to his native town where his family used to live?

8. What does Ilana say about the two deaths of the two men who are to be executed?

9. What are some of the operations that Elisha has taken part in since his arrival in Palestine?

10. What is the face the Elisha sees the evening that takes place in this chapter?

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