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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A ____________ delegation is received at the White House where the U.S. president promises to help as well.
(a) English
(b) Christian
(c) Russian
(d) Jewish

2. One can distinguish between night and day by looking at a man's ___________, according to the beggar.
(a) Mouth
(b) Hands
(c) Eyes
(d) Hair

3. To Elisha, ______________ was more of a sacred ideal than an actual place or a political slogan to them.
(a) Jerusalem
(b) God
(c) Zion
(d) Bethlehem

4. For two hours each day, ____________ indoctrinates the recruits with the Movement's ideology.
(a) Gad
(b) Joab
(c) Elish
(d) Gideon

5. ____________ inspires all Jewish men, woman and children during her radio program.
(a) Ruth
(b) Isabel
(c) Maria
(d) Ilana

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of job is taking place when David ben Moshe is wounded and captured by the English?

2. From whom did Elisha learn a lesson when he was a child of twelve?

3. Elisha believes it is necessary to kill in order to change his people's ____________.

4. What is the only thing Elisha knows about the man he will be facing the following day?

5. During what season does the opening section of the novel take place?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has Elisha seen every night since hearing the advice of the beggar?

2. What was the decision of the Old Man that Gad relayed to Elisha an hour earlier in the first chapter?

3. What was the goal of the first rad that Elisha went on as a part of the Movement?

4. What does Ilana say about the two deaths of the two men who are to be executed?

5. What will happen to David ben Moshe as a result of his capture by the English?

6. Describe the city setting at the start of the story when Elisha is standing near a window.

7. What are some of the basic ideas of the Movement's ideology as taught to recruits by Gad?

8. Why does Gad want Elisha to join the Movement of Jews who are fighting against the English?

9. How have the fighters of the Movement been attacking the English by surprise?

10. What does Ilana say to John Dawson's mother during her radio program?

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