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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first mission of Elisha was to attack a _______________ on the road between Haifa and Tel Aviv.
(a) Lone tank
(b) Military convoy
(c) Supply bus
(d) Army Captain

2. Ilana's broadcasts are a product of the _______________, the men find out.
(a) Bible
(b) Old Man
(c) Media
(d) Torah

3. At the end of his first raid, Elisha feels __________ as he finds himself in the same position as the SS guards.
(a) Powerful
(b) Sick
(c) Redeemed
(d) Justified

4. What kinds of lessons does Elisha immerse himself in when he is set up in his new home?
(a) Science
(b) Math
(c) English
(d) French

5. In Tel Aviv, all of the people are afraid of mass _______________, and all newspapers appeal for the Dawson execution to be called off.
(a) Celebrations
(b) Extermination
(c) Reprisal
(d) Exodus

Short Answer Questions

1. One can distinguish between night and day by looking at a man's ___________, according to the beggar.

2. Elisha's previous idea about killing others included: If you kill, then you're taking on the function of _________.

3. The High Commissioner of _________ announces that the entire population will be held responsible if the hostage is killed.

4. For six weeks, recruits are taught by ____________ instructors on how to use various kinds of weapons.

5. What are the people who come to the house actually learning about instead of traditional lessons?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the basic ideas of the Movement's ideology as taught to recruits by Gad?

2. What is the eleventh commandment that is taught to the recruits by a masked man with a soft voice?

3. What makes Elisha feel uneasy about Gad when Gad first enters his life at his furnished flat?

4. Why does Gad want Elisha to join the Movement of Jews who are fighting against the English?

5. How have the fighters of the Movement been attacking the English by surprise?

6. What are some of the operations that Elisha has taken part in since his arrival in Palestine?

7. What will happen to David ben Moshe as a result of his capture by the English?

8. What do several masked instructors teach to the new recruits when they arrive in Palestine?

9. What is the lesson of the grizzled master that Elisha remembers when he learns about the idea of killing others?

10. What is the lesson that the beggar taught Elisha when he was walking through the dark?

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