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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During what season does the opening section of the novel take place?
(a) Winter
(b) Summer
(c) Spring
(d) Fall

2. For two hours each day, ____________ indoctrinates the recruits with the Movement's ideology.
(a) Gideon
(b) Joab
(c) Gad
(d) Elish

3. Whose name has been on everyone's lips within the media, upsetting the Old Man?
(a) David ben Moshe
(b) Gad
(c) Elisha
(d) John Dawson

4. All around the world, _____________ is treated as a hero for the situation he is in.
(a) Elisha
(b) John Dawson
(c) Old Man
(d) David ben Moshe

5. Every evening, Elisha stands near a window in order to greet the arrival of ___________.
(a) His prayers
(b) His soul
(c) Night
(d) Dawn

Short Answer Questions

1. The Old Man believes the English only respect one thing. What is that one thing?

2. What kinds of lessons does Elisha immerse himself in when he is set up in his new home?

3. Ilana's broadcasts are a product of the _______________, the men find out.

4. The Old Man believes they cannot back away from their plans or the __________ will then seem weak to the outside world.

5. The goal of the Movement is simple: to get the ___________ out by any means necessary.

Short Essay Questions

1. What has Elisha seen every night since hearing the advice of the beggar?

2. How have the fighters of the Movement been attacking the English by surprise?

3. How did Elisha, the main character, come to be in France after the events of WWII?

4. What was the goal of the first rad that Elisha went on as a part of the Movement?

5. What do several masked instructors teach to the new recruits when they arrive in Palestine?

6. Why didn't Elisha want to return to his native town where his family used to live?

7. How is David ben Moshe treated around the world during the time of conflict after his capture?

8. What is the face the Elisha sees the evening that takes place in this chapter?

9. What happens when Gad offers Elisha a future when he visits with him one fateful day?

10. Describe the city setting at the start of the story when Elisha is standing near a window.

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