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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Elisha's goal is to enroll in a ___________ course at the Sorbonne school.
(a) Latin
(b) Poetry
(c) Law
(d) Philosophy

2. When Gad offers to give Elisha a ____________, Elisha sees Gad as a Meshulah.
(a) Sword
(b) Plan
(c) Future
(d) Gun

3. What are the people who come to the house actually learning about instead of traditional lessons?
(a) God
(b) Terrorist techniques
(c) Law
(d) How to protest

4. Who freed Elisha from the concentration camps, though he did not take them up on their offer to help?
(a) English
(b) Americans
(c) French
(d) Russians

5. At what time of day is Elisha looking out the window he is standing by in the building?
(a) Dawn
(b) Midnight
(c) Noon
(d) Twilight

Short Answer Questions

1. When the people learn the entire population will be held responsible, the word _________ begins to be whispered by the people.

2. What is the dialogue that leads Elisha to believe Gad is a powerful person? E: Who are you? G: I am a __________________.

3. Gad and David are childhood friends who entered the __________ together.

4. What does Gad do incessantly as he talked to Elisha about his ideas of the world?

5. At the end of his first raid, Elisha feels __________ as he finds himself in the same position as the SS guards.

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Ilana do to narrowly escape her own death, according to her recollection?

2. What is strange about the boy that Elisha sees among the dead people who begin to surround him in the room?

3. What did Gideon do to narrowly escape his own death, according to his recollection?

4. What does Ilana say to John Dawson's mother during her radio program?

5. Why does John Dawson appear to pity Elisha instead of being mad at him?

6. What is the first question John Dawson asks after Elisha and John stare at each other for a while?

7. What was the goal of the first rad that Elisha went on as a part of the Movement?

8. What makes Elisha feel uneasy about Gad when Gad first enters his life at his furnished flat?

9. What did Joab do to narrowly escape his own death, according to his recollection?

10. What is the eleventh commandment that is taught to the recruits by a masked man with a soft voice?

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