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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the question Dawson then asks, surprising Elisha in the process?
(a) Are you the Old Man in my dreams?
(b) Are you a believer in God?
(c) Are you the one?
(d) Are you Elisha?

2. ____________ tells Elisha that John Dawson doesn't know he will be executed in the morning.
(a) Joab
(b) Gad
(c) Ilana
(d) Gideon

3. What is John Dawson staring at when Elisha enters his room to meet him?
(a) The pillow
(b) TV
(c) The window
(d) Ceiling

4. Usually Elisha found the _________ of his rabbi, his old master to be reassuring, but not this time.
(a) Silence
(b) Answers
(c) Questions
(d) Yelling

5. What did John Dawson say when Gideon asked him if he was hungry?
(a) That he deserved a last good meal
(b) If he could have a lager
(c) If he was serious
(d) If he knew how to make bangers and mash

6. When it is time, Elisha sees a __________ giving absolution to David.
(a) Rabbi
(b) Priest
(c) Minister
(d) Child

7. Elisha wants to impose the image of ____________ torturer on John Dawson, but he cannot.
(a) Stefan's
(b) Gideon's
(c) Joab's
(d) David's

8. The boy tells Elisha, "You are the ________ of all that we have been," as Elisha begs for answers.
(a) Killer
(b) Ghost
(c) Sum total
(d) Future

9. Elisha says that it is ___________ to kill a complete stranger, which is why he wants to see Dawson.
(a) Difficult
(b) His duty
(c) Cowardly
(d) Easy

10. Elisha comments that Dawson's hands are the hands of a _______________.
(a) Gentleman
(b) Baker
(c) Laborer
(d) Surgeon

11. Who is NOT one of the people sitting around the table, thinking about David ben Moshe?
(a) Elisha
(b) Gad
(c) Ilana
(d) Old Man

12. Where does John Dawson's son, who is Elisha's age, go to school, according to John?
(a) Royal Air Force Academy
(b) Sorbonne
(c) Cambridge
(d) Harvard

13. At midnight, the dead leave the graveyard to go to the __________, not to pray, but to eat.
(a) Synagogue
(b) Library
(c) Field
(d) Mausoleum

14. Who is no longer yawning when Elisha goes upstairs after the execution?
(a) Ilana
(b) Joab
(c) Gideon
(d) Gad

15. The boy who asks for his father to be healed does not get his wish, but he is turned into _______________ and carried up to heaven.
(a) A cloud
(b) A prayer
(c) An angel
(d) A ghost

Short Answer Questions

1. Ilana is saved from being killed by a member of the opposition by a situation with ____________.

2. What is the profession of an old friend of Joab's that helps him with hiding from his neighbor?

3. What is NOT one of the things Joab does during his 48-hour interrogation session?

4. What does John Dawson want to do as he is waiting for his execution?

5. Elisha's master's eyes are like two globes of _________, two suns that burn his face.

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