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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gideon report back about the state of health of John Dawson?
(a) He is asleep
(b) He is hungry
(c) He is vomiting
(d) He is coughing

2. Elisha does not believe that a man about to die could ever be ______________.
(a) Hungry
(b) Happy
(c) Tired
(d) Bored

3. Elisha remembers a story where the nights sometimes allow the sky to open up so that the ____________ of unhappy children can be heard.
(a) Prayers
(b) Cries
(c) Songs
(d) Laughter

4. When it is time, Elisha sees a __________ giving absolution to David.
(a) Minister
(b) Rabbi
(c) Child
(d) Priest

5. The boy who asks for his father to be healed does not get his wish, but he is turned into _______________ and carried up to heaven.
(a) A ghost
(b) An angel
(c) A prayer
(d) A cloud

6. Usually Elisha found the _________ of his rabbi, his old master to be reassuring, but not this time.
(a) Silence
(b) Yelling
(c) Questions
(d) Answers

7. What does John Dawson continue to do as Elisha raises his revolver to shoot him?
(a) Swear
(b) Laugh
(c) Smile
(d) Sing

8. What are the positions of the people in the group of men that Gad has to select from?
(a) Teachers
(b) Revolutionaries
(c) Sergeants
(d) Rabbis

9. _____________ is praying for the repose of the dead when Elisha comes upstairs.
(a) Joab
(b) Gad
(c) Gideon
(d) Ilana

10. What is John Dawson staring at when Elisha enters his room to meet him?
(a) TV
(b) Ceiling
(c) The pillow
(d) The window

11. What does the beggar tell Elisha as Elisha walks around asking questions of everyone?
(a) This is a night of darkness
(b) This is a night of mystery
(c) This is a night to remember
(d) This is a night of many faces

12. Who is NOT one of the people sitting around the table, thinking about David ben Moshe?
(a) Elisha
(b) Old Man
(c) Gad
(d) Ilana

13. Ilana looks at Elisha with _______________ and Gideon with friendliness.
(a) Compassion
(b) Pity
(c) Anger
(d) Annoyance

14. Elisha (the man who was a prophet of #156) restored life to a ___________ by lying on him and breathing into his mouth.
(a) Soldier
(b) Grandfather
(c) Rabbi
(d) Little boy

15. Who is no longer yawning when Elisha goes upstairs after the execution?
(a) Gideon
(b) Gad
(c) Joab
(d) Ilana

Short Answer Questions

1. What did John Dawson say when Gideon asked him if he was hungry?

2. Elisha wants to ____________ Dawson, otherwise he's killing a man for no reason at all.

3. What was the profession of the German resistance fighter from #163 that Elisha met?

4. What is the name of the radio program that Ilana creates on a regular basis?

5. The tattered fragment of darkness has a face, Elisha sees, and that face is ___________.

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