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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the emotion that Ilana holds for John Dawson, the soldier?
(a) Anger
(b) Happiness
(c) Pity
(d) Pride

2. The first mission of Elisha was to attack a _______________ on the road between Haifa and Tel Aviv.
(a) Lone tank
(b) Supply bus
(c) Army Captain
(d) Military convoy

3. The Old Man cries because in his eyes, the ____________ are not yet free from fear and victim mentality.
(a) Media
(b) Children
(c) English
(d) Jews

4. Who owns the house that houses John Dawson as he is being hidden away from the English?
(a) Elisha
(b) Ilana
(c) Language professor
(d) Math professor

5. Who has had enough of the killings of the Movement fighters and vows to kill one soldier for each Movement fighter executed?
(a) Gideon
(b) Old Man
(c) Elisha
(d) Gad

6. How old is Elisha when the story begins?
(a) 25
(b) 17
(c) 18
(d) 20

7. Elisha also wants to find out what makes a man most truly a _________ in this world.
(a) Man
(b) Power
(c) Soldier
(d) Leader

8. The goal of the Movement is simple: to get the ___________ out by any means necessary.
(a) Women
(b) English
(c) Americans
(d) Gentiles

9. What does Gad do incessantly as he talked to Elisha about his ideas of the world?
(a) Pace
(b) Smoke
(c) Drink
(d) Jump

10. When Gad offers to give Elisha a ____________, Elisha sees Gad as a Meshulah.
(a) Plan
(b) Future
(c) Sword
(d) Gun

11. Elisha's previous idea about killing others included: If you kill, then you're taking on the function of _________.
(a) Fate
(b) Death harbinger
(c) Angels
(d) God

12. Whose face does Elisha see as he is staring out the window during this particular night?
(a) His father's
(b) The rabbi's
(c) His own
(d) The beggar's

13. For generations, the Jewish people have suffered quietly, trying to abide by the ___________ commandment.
(a) Tenth
(b) Sixth
(c) Fifth
(d) First

14. Where is John Dawson being kept in the two-story building as he is a hostage?
(a) Kitchen
(b) Cellar
(c) Closet
(d) Bedroom

15. Where does Elisha not want to return to after he is freed from the camps of the Nazis?
(a) His native town
(b) Palestine
(c) Germany
(d) Russia

Short Answer Questions

1. ____________ inspires all Jewish men, woman and children during her radio program.

2. Elisha feels uneasy with Gad's sense of __________ and his knowledge about Elisha.

3. The Old Man believes the English only respect one thing. What is that one thing?

4. What does the mysterious figure ask of Elisha when he encounters him in the empty building?

5. Who is the fighter in the Movement who was wounded during a terrorist attack and captured?

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