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The Scene that Elisha Sees

Have students draw or recreate the opening images in some way - diorama, drawing, image from the Internet, etc.

A Storybook for the Beggar Story

Have students create a short storybook of the story of the beggar that Elisha recalls in the opening with pictures and text.

Recreating the Cover of the Book

Have students come up with a new cover image for the book, DAWN. What might it include which relates to the story?

Casting the Movie of DAWN

Have students come up with a cast list for a movie that might be made from the content of this book.

Acting Out Dawson's Last Moments

Have students break up into pairs to act out the last moments between Dawson and Elisha for the class.

The Story Dawson Was Going to Tell

Have students write up a funny story that Dawson might have...

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