Dawn Character Descriptions

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This character is an eighteen-year-old young man, going on nineteen. He spends several years at Buchenwald before being freed by Americans. They offer to send him back home but he refuses.


This character recruits another into the Movement and brings him to Palestine from Paris.

The Old Man

The leader of the Movement, this character appears in a mask when he addresses a large audience, and his voice is soft, timid, and romantic.

Captain John Dawson

This character is the unlucky person kidnapped by the Movement when another character vows 'eye for an eye' type of reprisal for the death sentence.

David ben Moshe

A fighter in the Movement, this character is wounded and captured during a terrorist operation. He is sentenced to death by hanging, which is the penalty stipulated by martial law. His is the tenth death sentence the mandatory power in Palestine has...

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