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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

* Elisha has to kill a man the next day.

* An hour before, Gad relayed the decision of the Old Man to Elisha.

* A month before, David ben Moshe had been captured as a fighter in the Movement.

* Captain John Dawson has also been captured.

* The Movement is successful in keeping the English army prisoners hidden.

* The Zionist leaders try to tell the Old Man not to go too far in his actions.

* The actions become international news.

Chapter 2

* Elisha comes to France from Buchenwald and gains asylum.

* Elisha wants to study philosophy when Gad comes and talks him into fighting for the Movement.

* David ben Moshe is treated as a hero.

* Ilana, lover of Gad, is an anonymous broadcaster who talks about the deaths to occur at dawn.

* Elisha is in turmoil about what he must do in the morning.

Chapter 3

* Elisha has already taken part in...

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