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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Miss Betsey explain to David in Chapter 47?

2. Where does David live after he returns from his travel abroad?

3. Due to a trail of letters he finds, where does Mr. Peggotty believe Emily has gone?

4. Who does Mr. Micawber present evidence against in Chapter 52?

5. Who writes to David to request a secret meeting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who travels in Chapter 57, and where do they go?

2. What does David learn about Traddles when he returns to London in Chapter 59?

3. What is the major problem that David discovers about his marriage to Dora in Chapter 44?

4. After learning of his newly impoverished state, what does David decide to do, and what happens as a result?

5. What happens when David confronts Agnes in Chapter 62?

6. How does Mr. Peggotty's visit in Chapter 63 tie up the loose ends of the novel?

7. How does David manage to meet with Dora in Chapter 41?

8. How does the action in Chapter 64 sum up the lives of all the characters in "David Copperfield"?

9. How does Dora react when David tells her of his poverty?

10. Recount Mr. Micawber's charges against Uriah Heep.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Is David Copperfield a self-portrait of Charles Dickens? Use textual evidence and biographical support to argue your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

Which characters are present in the novel as the protagonist and the antagonist? Why are these characters labeled in this way?

Essay Topic 3

How is foreshadowing used in "David Copperfield"? Choose one major instance of foreshadowing and follow it through the book, finishing with how the event is fulfilled.

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