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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when David takes Agnes to meet Dora?
(a) The two women strike up a strong friendship.
(b) The two women hate each other.
(c) David realizes that he loves Agnes, not Dora.
(d) David decides that he cannot be friends with Agnes anymore.

2. When do the last two chapters of the novel take place in relation to the previous chapters?
(a) Ten years later.
(b) Four weeks.
(c) Five months.
(d) Two days.

3. Who has managed to sort out the Wickfield estate and recover most of Miss Betsey's fortune?
(a) Traddles.
(b) Mr. Wickfield.
(c) Agnes.
(d) David.

4. What is taken to Mrs. Steerforth in Chapter 56?
(a) Steerforth's will.
(b) Steerforth's body.
(c) Miss Betsey's consolations.
(d) David's well wishes.

5. How does David feel about his relationship with Dora?
(a) Angry.
(b) Disappointed.
(c) Happy.
(d) He has no relationship with Dora.

6. Where do David, Miss Betsey, Mr. Dick, and Traddles go in Chapter 52?
(a) Dover.
(b) Yarmouth.
(c) Canterbury.
(d) London.

7. What is David unable to share with Dora?
(a) His family and friends.
(b) His thoughts and feelings.
(c) His love.
(d) His money.

8. What does David buy with his extra income in Chapter 43?
(a) An apprenticeship.
(b) An engagement ring.
(c) A small cottage.
(d) A new horse.

9. Who are the most penitent prisoners at Mr. Creakle's experimental prison?
(a) Emily and Dora.
(b) Uriah Heep and Littimer.
(c) Steerforth and Ham.
(d) Mr. Micawber and Mr. Peggotty.

10. What does David assume about his relationship with Agnes?
(a) That they will live happily ever after.
(b) That they will never speak again.
(c) That they can only be friends.
(d) David does not have a relationship with Agnes at this point.

11. Who finds work as Uriah Heep's clerk in Canterbury?
(a) Mr. Micawber.
(b) Mr. Dick.
(c) Agnes.
(d) Mr. Wickfield.

12. Who suddenly arrives in Chapter 63?
(a) Emily.
(b) Mr. Micawber.
(c) Martha.
(d) Mr. Peggotty.

13. Where will this secret meeting occur?
(a) Yarmouth.
(b) Canterbury.
(c) London.
(d) In front of the Debtor's Prison.

14. How does Rosa Dartle react to Steerforth's death?
(a) She commits suicide.
(b) She declares her love for Steerforth and her anger at Mrs. Steerforth for making him what he was.
(c) She is glad he is dead.
(d) She admits that she is pregnant with Steerforth's child.

15. Where does David live after he returns from his travel abroad?
(a) In a rented room in London.
(b) With Miss Betsey in Dover.
(c) In a hotel in Canterbury.
(d) In a cottage in Yarmouth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does David first return after his travels abroad?

2. Who writes to David to request a secret meeting?

3. After the paperwork is settled in Chapter 52, what does everyone decide to do?

4. In Chapter 46, as David passes the Steerforth house, who asks to speak with him?

5. Who is an attempt made to rescue in Chapter 55?

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