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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Agnes reveal to David about her deathbed conversation with Dora?
(a) Dora asked Agnes to marry David.
(b) Dora forbade Agnes to ever speak to David again.
(c) Dora confessed that she did not love David.
(d) Dora told Agnes that she is her best friend.

2. What does David assume about his relationship with Agnes?
(a) That they can only be friends.
(b) That they will live happily ever after.
(c) David does not have a relationship with Agnes at this point.
(d) That they will never speak again.

3. In Chapter 64, the narrator reveals that all of the characters are happy except which one?
(a) David.
(b) Emily.
(c) Mrs. Steerforth.
(d) Rosa Dartle.

4. How does David earn extra money in Chapter 43?
(a) By beginning a literary career.
(b) By blackmailing Uriah Heep.
(c) By blackmailing Jack Maldon.
(d) By marrying Dora.

5. What revives David in Chapter 58?
(a) A glass of cold water.
(b) Running into Traddles.
(c) A letter from Agnes.
(d) Finding Dora's wedding ring.

6. Where does David live after he returns from his travel abroad?
(a) In a rented room in London.
(b) In a hotel in Canterbury.
(c) In a cottage in Yarmouth.
(d) With Miss Betsey in Dover.

7. What is taken to Mrs. Steerforth in Chapter 56?
(a) Steerforth's will.
(b) David's well wishes.
(c) Miss Betsey's consolations.
(d) Steerforth's body.

8. To what does David attribute all of his good fortune?
(a) Miss Betsey.
(b) Emily.
(c) Dora.
(d) Agnes.

9. What does the simple act of placing the Strongs' hands together accomplish?
(a) Sets off the emotional scene that has been building for many years.
(b) They decide to get a divorce.
(c) Dr. Strong realizes that he hates his wife.
(d) Mrs. Strong faints.

10. Who does David receive a letter from with an invitation to visit in Chapter 61?
(a) Agnes.
(b) Mr. Wickfield.
(c) Uriah Heep.
(d) Mr. Creakle.

11. Who hits Uriah Heep?
(a) David.
(b) Mrs. Strong.
(c) Dr. Strong.
(d) Jack Maldon.

12. Who is an attempt made to rescue in Chapter 55?
(a) Ham.
(b) David.
(c) Steerforth.
(d) Agnes.

13. What does David ask Agnes to promise in Chapter 39?
(a) To marry him if things do not work out with Dora.
(b) To marry Uriah Heep to help her father.
(c) That she will not marry Uriah Heep out of duty to her father.
(d) To move to Australia to escape Uriah Heep.

14. What does Uriah Heep tell Mr. Wickfield in Chapter 39?
(a) He has eloped with Agnes.
(b) His intentions to marry Agnes.
(c) His jealousy of David.
(d) He is poor.

15. What career move does David make in Chapter 48?
(a) He takes orders and becomes a member of the clergy.
(b) He gives up on having a career.
(c) He publishes his first novel, and it is very successful.
(d) He returns to school to become a lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the most penitent prisoners at Mr. Creakle's experimental prison?

2. What does David buy with his extra income in Chapter 43?

3. Who drops hints about a relationship between Mrs. Strong and Jack Maldon?

4. What major event occurs in Chapter 43?

5. How long does David wander aimlessly through Europe before returning home?

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