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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens with Emily in Chapter 51?
(a) Emily reveals that she is pregnant.
(b) Emily shares her story about what has happened since she ran away.
(c) Emily does not appear in Chapter 51.
(d) Emily runs away from Mr. Peggotty.

2. How long does David wander aimlessly through Europe before returning home?
(a) Several years.
(b) Two days.
(c) Five months.
(d) Twenty-seven years.

3. What is the major problem in David and Dora's marriage?
(a) Dora is unable to get pregnant.
(b) Dora loves Steerforth.
(c) Dora's inability to do anything practical.
(d) David loves Agnes.

4. How does Emily learn of Ham's death?
(a) In a newspaper.
(b) Ham's mother writes her a letter.
(c) The captain of the ship on the way to Australia tells her.
(d) David tells her.

5. Where does Maldon invite Mrs. Strong in Chapter 36?
(a) The beach.
(b) America.
(c) Dinner.
(d) The opera.

6. How does Dora's father find out about the relationship between David and Dora?
(a) He intercepts a letter between David and Dora.
(b) Dora tells him.
(c) David tells him.
(d) Through Miss Murdstone's snooping.

7. How does Dora's father react to the relationship between David and Dora?
(a) Announces his intentions to marry Miss Murdstone.
(b) Dies of shock.
(c) Demands David break off the relationship immediately.
(d) Congratulates them.

8. Who has managed to sort out the Wickfield estate and recover most of Miss Betsey's fortune?
(a) Traddles.
(b) Agnes.
(c) Mr. Wickfield.
(d) David.

9. Who tells David about what is going on with Steerforth and Emily in Chapter 46?
(a) Steerforth.
(b) Littimer.
(c) Emily.
(d) Rosa Dartle.

10. After Miss Betsey loses her fortune, what does Agnes suggest David do for work?
(a) Accept being poor.
(b) Write books.
(c) Work as a private secretary for Dr. Strong.
(d) Build houses.

11. What does Miss Betsey explain to David in Chapter 47?
(a) She explains that the man knows a deep secret and is blackmailing her.
(b) She explains that the man is her son that she renounced for marrying an unworthy woman.
(c) She explains that the man is her husband that everyone believes is dead who betrayed her and appears occasionally to demand money.
(d) She does not explain anything.

12. What worries Agnes in Chapter 35?
(a) David's drunken behavior.
(b) David's love for Dora.
(c) Her pending wedding to Uriah Heep.
(d) Uriah Heep's influence over her father.

13. What does Miss Betsey hint to David in Chapter 60?
(a) That Agnes may have a suitor.
(b) Miss Betsey does not appear in Chapter 60.
(c) That Miss Betsey is going to marry Mr. Dick.
(d) That Agnes will marry him.

14. Why does David refrain from telling Agnes that he loves her in Chapter 60?
(a) He is scared that she will return his feelings.
(b) He decides that he does not love her.
(c) He does tell her that he loves her.
(d) He feels he must sacrifice his love in order to preserve their friendship.

15. Who do David, Miss Betsey, Mr. Dick, and Traddles meet in Chapter 52?
(a) Mr. Micawber.
(b) Mr. Wickfield.
(c) Uriah Heep.
(d) Agnes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does David ask Agnes to promise in Chapter 39?

2. Who receives a letter from Mrs. Micawber detailing Mr. Micawber's violent and secretive behavior?

3. Who does Dr. Strong blame for his wife's affair?

4. How does David feel about his relationship with Dora?

5. What does Miss Betsey tell David at the end of Chapter 54?

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