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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is suspicious about Steerforth at Steerforth's house?
(a) Mrs. Steerforth.
(b) Rosa Dartle.
(c) Littimer.
(d) David.

2. Who does Steerforth insult so badly that this person resigns his post immediately?
(a) Mr. Creakle.
(b) Traddles.
(c) David.
(d) Mr. Mell.

3. What does Miss Betsey suggest that David become?
(a) A proctor.
(b) A librarian.
(c) A doctor.
(d) A teacher.

4. Why do the Micawbers have to leave Plymouth?
(a) Because they get kicked out of their house.
(b) They do not leave Plymouth.
(c) Because Mrs. Micawber's family is unable to provide financial assistance.
(d) Because they cannot stop fighting with each other.

5. Why does Mrs. Micawber suggest her husband take out an advertisement?
(a) To complain about Uriah Heep.
(b) To find their missing daughter.
(c) To advertise his skill and ask for employment.
(d) To find a house.

6. What happens while David is in Yarmouth with Peggotty?
(a) He gets sick.
(b) His mother marries Mr. Murdstone.
(c) His mother has a baby.
(d) His aunt dies.

7. What happens when Miss Betsey privately speaks with a man on the street who obviously disturbs her?
(a) She does not talk to a man on the street who obviously disturbs her.
(b) She slaps the man.
(c) She cries to David about it.
(d) She returns agitated, with most of the money in her purse gone.

8. Why does David go to Yarmouth?
(a) To find a wife.
(b) To visit Peggotty's family.
(c) To visit his aunt.
(d) To go to school.

9. Who does Miss Betsey suggest that David visit after he finishes school?
(a) Peggotty.
(b) Mr. Murdstone.
(c) Agnes.
(d) Dora.

10. What does Agnes confess to being worried about before David leaves Canterbury?
(a) Her dog and her cat.
(b) Her job and her boyfriend.
(c) Her hair is falling out.
(d) Her father's drinking problem and Uriah Heep's influence.

11. Where has Steerforth come from when he arrives after David's dinner party with the Micawbers and Traddles?
(a) London.
(b) Dover.
(c) Yarmouth.
(d) Canterbury.

12. How does Mr. Spenlow celebrate David's official apprenticeship?
(a) By offering to let him marry Mr. Spenlow's daughter.
(b) By inviting him to spend the weekend at his house and introducing David to his daughter, Dora.
(c) By giving him money.
(d) By sending him to prison.

13. Who does David have a crush on in Yarmouth?
(a) Agnes.
(b) Peggotty.
(c) Dora.
(d) Emily.

14. Who is Tommy Traddles boarding with?
(a) The Peggotty family.
(b) The Micawber family.
(c) David.
(d) Steerforth.

15. What does Dora's friend inform David of?
(a) That Dora is going to become a nun.
(b) That David has no chance with Dora so he should just leave her alone.
(c) That Dora is going to visit her in London and he is welcome to visit as well.
(d) That Dora is getting married to Steerforth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Miss Betsey tell Mr. Murdstone in a letter?

2. Who does David discuss his romantic problems with?

3. What about David's birth offends his great aunt, Miss Betsey Trotwood?

4. What does David resolve to do to escape his horrible life?

5. Why does Littimer bring Miss Mowcher to Steerforth?

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