David Copperfield Character Descriptions

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David Copperfield

This character's recollections of his life from birth create the novel.

Clara Copperfield Murdstone

This character raises her son for the first eight or nine years of his life before allowing her second husband to control her to the point of being uninvolved with her son any further.

Clara Peggotty Barkis

This character is a loyal servant who eventually marries the carriage driver.

Mr. Murdstone

This character is very cruel to his stepson.

Miss Murdstone

This character supports her brother's cruelty to his stepson.

James Steerforth

This character is rich, spoiled and does many cruel things before dying in a shipwreck.

Tommy Traddles

This character is kindhearted and loyal, despite his frequent financial troubles.

Mr. and Mrs. Micawber

These characters are plagued with debt and even have to go to Debtor's Prison at one point.

Betsey Trotwood

This character is disappointed that her nephew is not...

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