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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Styron say the award he received should have done for him?
(a) Make him famous.
(b) Restore his ego.
(c) Pay all his bills.
(d) Make him new friends.

2. What starts Styron's downward spiral into depression?
(a) The loss of several friends to suicide.
(b) Trouble with his wife.
(c) Being isolated in Connecticut in the winter.
(d) He begins to suffer nausea when drinking alcohol, which he had depended upon.

3. What does Styron say is the most universal symptom of depression?
(a) Self-hatred or lack of self-esteem.
(b) Intense anxiety.
(c) Loss of friendships.
(d) Sadness.

4. What causes Styron to lose his voice in Paris?
(a) Damp weather.
(b) Bronchitis.
(c) Screaming until he was hoarse.
(d) Severe depression and resulting lethargy.

5. What happens before Styron meets with Camus?
(a) Camus leaves Paris.
(b) Camus leaves on his honeymoon.
(c) Camus dies in a car accident.
(d) Camus gets upset at Styron for his moods.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Styron so sad about Hoffman's suicide?

2. What does Styron call the DSM?

3. What does Styron believe about a depressed colleague's decision to ride with a reckless driver?

4. What three factors does Styron name as contributing to depression?

5. What city is Styron in at the beginning of the memoir?

Short Essay Questions

1. What devastating therapy did Styron avoid, and why did he say he was able to avoid it?

2. What did the suicide of several of Styron's friends lead him to do, and what was the result of this action?

3. Why did Styron refuse to go to a luncheon with Simone del Duca, even though he had made an appointment to do so?

4. What was special about Styron's situation with depression?

5. What did the suicides of several of his friends, who had distinguished careers and were obviously intelligent and known for their strong character, cause Styron to do? How was his beliefs opposed to the general public view?

6. How did Dr. Gold's approach compare to the way the parish priest approached Emma in "Madame Bovary"?

7. Discuss how Styron says he attempted to handle the increasing malaise that began to overcome him beginning in the summer.

8. What did Styron tell the reader about the incidence of depression and artistic types? Who are some artistic types who suffered from depression?

9. Styron gave little credence to his outpatient therapy, but said what about the 50 minutes involved?

10. Why was the suicide of Albert Camus and Romain Gary so devastating to Styron?

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