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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reaction does Styron have to a flock of Canadian geese?
(a) He is frozen in anxiety at the sight of them.
(b) He thinks they are graceful.
(c) He tries to shoot them.
(d) They temporarily restore his good feelings.

2. What do Styron's companions notice about him?
(a) He is very sleepy.
(b) That he appears not to feel well.
(c) He is angry at his friends.
(d) He is disoriented.

3. How did Levi commit suicide?
(a) Hurled himself down a flight of stairs.
(b) Took an overdose of pills.
(c) Stepped in front of a moving car.
(d) Hung himself.

4. Why is Styron so sad about Hoffman's suicide?
(a) He was so valuable to mankind.
(b) He was such a good writer.
(c) He was so young and vital.
(d) He was not really depressed, so why did he commit suicide?

5. Where does Styron spend his summers?
(a) On his farm in Connecticut.
(b) In Paris.
(c) At Martha's Vineyard.
(d) In Florida.

Short Answer Questions

1. What puzzles Styron about Camus's book, "The Fall"?

2. How old was Levi when he committed his suicide?

3. According to Styron, what often leads depressed people to commit suicide?

4. According to Styron, why is the word depression so hard for people to accept?

5. How does Styron's body feel in the beginning of his depression?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Styron begin preparing for his death?

2. What does Styron say about the causes of depression?

3. Why did Styron say it was so hard for family members to accept a person's suicide, and what did they usually do about it?

4. What other changes occurred with Styron beside mental distress?

5. Who did Styron say the depressed person was dangerous to, and why?

6. What did Styron say about the impression his intense thoughts of suicide would have on others?

7. What did Styron say is true of those who suffer from severe depression and recover?

8. Why did Styron refuse to go to a luncheon with Simone del Duca, even though he had made an appointment to do so?

9. What did Camus speak of that so strongly affected Styron? What relationship did Styron have with Camus?

10. Why was the suicide of Albert Camus and Romain Gary so devastating to Styron?

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