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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 3, what event causes Styron to more fully explore the relationship between depression and suicide?
(a) His whole family rejected him.
(b) His wife left him.
(c) Styron sunk deeper into a depressive state.
(d) The suicide of Abbie Hoffman.

2. In what way does Styron's depression come upon him?
(a) It hit him suddenly one night.
(b) He really didn't know how it happened.
(c) Slowly in increments.
(d) A slight sadness intensified rapidly over time.

3. According to Styron, what is between Gaelic and Americana?
(a) His memoir.
(b) The restaurant he went to after getting his award.
(c) Paris museums.
(d) The French bidet.

4. What causes Styron to lose his voice in Paris?
(a) Screaming until he was hoarse.
(b) Bronchitis.
(c) Damp weather.
(d) Severe depression and resulting lethargy.

5. What drugs does Styron's doctor give him that are NOT recommended for people with depression?
(a) Halcion and Ativan.
(b) Penicillin and Halcion.
(c) Prozac and Ativan.
(d) Halcion and Ibuprofen.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the depth of his depression in Paris, what does Styron realize he would have to decide?

2. Who is the doctor from Johns Hopkins who gave the name depression to the disease?

3. What do Styron's companions notice about him?

4. Which group of people have more incidence of depression than all others?

5. Though the death of the poet, Randall Jarrell, was ruled accidental, why does Styron say it was probably suicide?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Styron begin preparing for his death?

2. What did Styron say was his most difficult piece of writing, and how did he describe it?

3. What happened to Romain Gary, Styron's friend, as a result of his depression?

4. What did Styron say is true of those who suffer from severe depression and recover?

5. What did the suicides of several of his friends, who had distinguished careers and were obviously intelligent and known for their strong character, cause Styron to do? How was his beliefs opposed to the general public view?

6. What did Styron tell the reader about the incidence of depression and artistic types? Who are some artistic types who suffered from depression?

7. What did Styron say caused the incipient insomnia that depressed people often experienced?

8. What was the paradox Styron described about the hospital as opposed to his own home?

9. What about the hospital was conducive to Styron's rapid recovery after months of intense suffering?

10. What term did Stryon say was a more apt description of depression than that word itself?

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