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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What three brand-name items does Styron use to destroy his diary?
(a) Viva towels, Scotch tape, and Post Raisin Bran cereal box.
(b) Diamond matches, Kingsford Charcoal lighter, and Viva towels.
(c) None, just throws it away in the garbage.
(d) Cheez-its box, 3M tape, and Brawny towels.

2. What does Styron say family and friends should continue to do for the depressed person?
(a) Tell them to cheer up and get over it.
(b) Validate their worth and sense of self.
(c) Watch them constantly to prevent suicide.
(d) Make them talk about their problems.

3. Why does Styron consult with Dr. Gold, who he didn't feel could really help him?
(a) To get help for his friend, Camus.
(b) To look good to the press.
(c) To receive the medicines he thought would help him.
(d) To satisfy his wife, who demanded he get treatment.

4. How did Lincoln attempt to vanquish death due to his own hand?
(a) By taking medicines prescribed to him.
(b) By being the best family man he could.
(c) By declaring war.
(d) Through his work that was valued by posterity.

5. How does Styron describe his recovery from depression?
(a) He says he was suddenly ecstatic.
(b) He says he wasn't sure he was cured.
(c) He says he suddenly felt like a body with sweet bodily juices flowing through him.
(d) He says it was a slow, painful process.

6. What does Styron do about his physical disabilities?
(a) He undergoes several thousands of dollars of testing to find out he was physically fine.
(b) Gets scared he was going to die.
(c) Welcomes the possibility that he might die from one of them.
(d) Stops work and stays at home.

7. What note does Styron want to copy for his goodbye letter?
(a) "I am sorry for any pain I cause. My pain is greater."
(b) "No more words; an act. I'll never write again."
(c) "This is the end. Don't mourn."
(d) "Life is no longer worth it."

8. What does the doctor tell Styron about his medicine, Halcion, and its dosage?
(a) It is not effective for depression.
(b) He needs a much larger dose.
(c) It is three times the normal dose and not recommended for men his age.
(d) It is the best medicine.

9. What did alcohol do for Styron that he considered positive?
(a) It made him feel high.
(b) It kept anxiety and his imaginings at bay.
(c) It helped him relax with his friends.
(d) It kept him from catching illnesses.

10. What therapies are used in the hospital?
(a) Medicines and psychotherapy.
(b) Shock treatment and medicines.
(c) No therapies; Styron just rested.
(d) Group therapy, art therapy, and watching TV shows.

11. During the dinner party, what does Styron do with his diary?
(a) He wraps it and throws it in the garbage.
(b) He reads portions of it to his friends.
(c) He gives it to a friend to publish.
(d) He hides it from his friends and wife.

12. Styron names a number of writers, poets, and sculptors who have what common underlying theme in their work?
(a) Depression.
(b) Longevity.
(c) Beauty.
(d) Love.

13. What is Styron's diary a symbol of?
(a) His path through depression.
(b) His writing goals.
(c) His self-esteem and self-worth.
(d) His hopelessness in the face of depression.

14. What does Styron believe he needs to get well that can be provided by the hospital?
(a) Freedom from other people and their advise.
(b) A controlled environment and more time.
(c) Psychotherapy.
(d) More medicine.

15. Who does Styron compare his psychiatrist to?
(a) His wife.
(b) A quack.
(c) His friend, Gary.
(d) The parish priest in "Madame Bovary."

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Styron say would prevent many suicides?

2. What is the phenomenon in which young victims of loss harbor guilt and rage for their entire lives?

3. What happens when Styron's medicine is changed?

4. How does Styron explain his approach to his self-destruction?

5. What does Styron call the condition of the person suffering unrelenting depression?

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