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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a probable reason that Styron's doctor or family don't suggest hospitalization for him?
(a) He gets angry whenever they approach the subject.
(b) They don't know he was that bad.
(c) The social stigma and the fact that mental illness is not tangible or visible.
(d) They don't think it would help him.

2. What happens to persons in physical pain that is not experienced with mental pain?
(a) Depression hurts worse.
(b) Ones in physical pain receive medicine but don't get better.
(c) Mental pain doesn't disable one as much as physical pain.
(d) A superhuman ability to endure physical pain for a time.

3. For Styron, what do the black whirling stars of Van Gogh represent?
(a) Precursors of his plunge into dementia and self-annihilation.
(b) The everlasting nature of man's soul.
(c) The darkness of depression.
(d) The beauty of the night sky.

4. What hope does Styron say a depressed person can have?
(a) That family and friends will be supportive.
(b) That medicines can cure depression and it will never recur.
(c) That suicide will relieve their distress.
(d) That it will eventually subside and healing will occur.

5. What reaction does Styron have to group therapy?
(a) He has no reaction to it, and just endures it.
(b) He doesn't participate.
(c) It makes him seeth but gives him a way to pass the time.
(d) It is the major source of his healing.

6. Styron dates the onset of his deep depression to what event?
(a) The death of several of his friends.
(b) His inability to drink alcohol.
(c) His wife's leaving him.
(d) His chilren all leaving home.

7. What does Styron say would prevent many suicides?
(a) Strong support from family, friends, and professionsals.
(b) Someone to watch the depressed person at all times.
(c) Immediate hospitalization.
(d) Stronger medicines.

8. How does Styron explain his approach to his self-destruction?
(a) It was fully deserved.
(b) Melodramatic, one part of him the actor, and one part of him the audience.
(c) He was going to choose a painless method.
(d) He knew he would hurt his wife, but had to do it.

9. What does Styron believe he needs to get well that can be provided by the hospital?
(a) More medicine.
(b) Freedom from other people and their advise.
(c) A controlled environment and more time.
(d) Psychotherapy.

10. What therapies are used in the hospital?
(a) Medicines and psychotherapy.
(b) Group therapy, art therapy, and watching TV shows.
(c) Shock treatment and medicines.
(d) No therapies; Styron just rested.

11. What does the depression and sense of hopelessness cause Styron to do?
(a) Try to kill himself.
(b) Write even more in an attempt to understand it.
(c) Run away from his wife and home.
(d) Go to bed for hours every day.

12. What does Styron say about people who survive a depressive episode?
(a) They are weak people who just happened to endure an episode.
(b) They are very strong people but succumb to a weakness.
(c) They are permanently damaged mentally.
(d) They come out with few permanent wounds.

13. What does the doctor tell Styron about his medicine, Halcion, and its dosage?
(a) It is three times the normal dose and not recommended for men his age.
(b) It is not effective for depression.
(c) It is the best medicine.
(d) He needs a much larger dose.

14. How long does Styron have to stay in the hospital?
(a) A month.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Seven weeks.
(d) Almost a year.

15. What is the phenomenon in which young victims of loss harbor guilt and rage for their entire lives?
(a) Depression.
(b) Lack of bonding.
(c) Fear and anxiety.
(d) Incomplete mourning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Styron's avoidance of death due to?

2. Who does Styron compare his psychiatrist to?

3. What piece of music moves Styron to his breakthrough and hospitalization?

4. What two things does Styron believe led to his depression?

5. What is Styron's first dream in many months?

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