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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the award Styron receives?
(a) He didn't receive one, he was giving one.
(b) Prix Mondial Cino del Duca award.
(c) Newberry Award.
(d) Nobel Peace Prize.

2. What does Levi's suicide cause Styron to do?
(a) Condemn Levi for his cowardice.
(b) Write an op-ed piece to the NY Times on depression, discounting the shame most felt about it.
(c) Plan his own suicide.
(d) Denounce Levi as his friend.

3. Though Styron feels alone, who is always with him?
(a) His wife, Rose.
(b) His friend, Gary.
(c) His psychiatrist.
(d) His children.

4. Though Styron admits all professions are susceptible to depression, which profession is the most susceptible?
(a) Lawyers.
(b) School teacherrs.
(c) Doctors.
(d) Artistic types.

5. How did Levi's friends and admirers react to his suicide?
(a) They didn't believe it.
(b) They tried to ignore him and his work after that.
(c) They were mystified and believed him to be weak.
(d) They were devastated and grieved over it.

6. According to Styron, what often leads depressed people to commit suicide?
(a) Because depression is so deep they can't see any other way out.
(b) Because they don't love their families like other people do.
(c) Because they don't have a very strong will to live.
(d) Because of moral weakness and lack of character.

7. What does Styron say about not returning to France?
(a) He doesn't like to travel.
(b) He believes one day in the near future he will take his own life.
(c) It cost so much to go and he was nearly broke.
(d) He had such a miserable time in Paris.

8. What puzzles Styron about Camus's book, "The Fall"?
(a) It was a good narrative of what a depressed person experiences.
(b) The title didn't fit the story.
(c) It was written so brilliantly though Camus was depressed.
(d) That the lawyer/narrator would want to kill himself.

9. What starts Styron's downward spiral into depression?
(a) The loss of several friends to suicide.
(b) Trouble with his wife.
(c) Being isolated in Connecticut in the winter.
(d) He begins to suffer nausea when drinking alcohol, which he had depended upon.

10. Why is Styron not worried about the loss?
(a) He is so depressed and lethargic that nothing matters to him.
(b) He knows his friend will be his friend again.
(c) He feels he is justified in getting angry.
(d) He knows he will be okay later.

11. What does Styron think after his flashback?
(a) That he didn't like visiting Paris.
(b) That he did have some good times in the past.
(c) That he has come full circle.
(d) That his life has been great.

12. Who arranges a meeting between Albert Camus and Styron?
(a) Cino del Duco
(b) Rose Styron.
(c) William Styron.
(d) Romain Gary.

13. What did Styron do for Hoffman regarding a political demonstration led by Hoffman?
(a) Testified for him at a trial in Chicago.
(b) Referred him to a psychiatrist in New York.
(c) Introduced him to Lady del Duco in hopes of winning the award in the future.
(d) He never really met Hoffman, so didn't do anything for him.

14. In what way does Styron's depression come upon him?
(a) A slight sadness intensified rapidly over time.
(b) Slowly in increments.
(c) It hit him suddenly one night.
(d) He really didn't know how it happened.

15. According to Styron, who wrote about depression and seemed to really understand it?
(a) Chaucer.
(b) Dante.
(c) Camus.
(d) Gary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Styron say about assigning reasons for suicide to those who take that route?

2. In the depth of his depression in Paris, what does Styron realize he would have to decide?

3. What does the suicide of another of Styron's friends lead him to believe?

4. What is the term Styron uses to better describe what is happening to a person with depression?

5. How does Camus's essay influence Stryon's philosophy of life?

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