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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Styron calls depression:
(a) Very common.
(b) Disorder of mood.
(c) Terrible sadness.
(d) Very rare.

2. What does Styron say the award he received should have done for him?
(a) Make him famous.
(b) Restore his ego.
(c) Pay all his bills.
(d) Make him new friends.

3. How does Camus's essay about a prisoner on death row impact Styron's writing?
(a) It causes him to want to write much better than he felt Camus did.
(b) It gives him some ideas about stories he wants to write.
(c) It causes him to stop writing for a while.
(d) It leads to his using a narrator on death row to tell the story in "Confessions of Nat Turner."

4. Who is Styron's literary guide?
(a) Albert Camus.
(b) Abbie Hoffman.
(c) Cino del Duca.
(d) Romain Gary.

5. What effect does Styron's op-ed piece have on the general public?
(a) Many people thought Styron was weak.
(b) Many suffering from depression were suddenly willing to come forward and admit it.
(c) Many felt he didn't deserve the del Duco award.
(d) Many felt he was justified in feeling depressed.

6. Who is the doctor from Johns Hopkins who gave the name depression to the disease?
(a) An unnamed psychiatrist.
(b) Dr. Adkins.
(c) Dr. Gold.
(d) Dr. Adolf Meier.

7. What starts Styron's downward spiral into depression?
(a) Trouble with his wife.
(b) He begins to suffer nausea when drinking alcohol, which he had depended upon.
(c) The loss of several friends to suicide.
(d) Being isolated in Connecticut in the winter.

8. What does Styron think of these two people, who were close literary friends?
(a) He thinks they should have won the award.
(b) He thinks they should move to America where they would be more recognized.
(c) He thinks they both had depression.
(d) He doesn't think their writing was very good.

9. What two people does Styron think of while leaving Paris?
(a) His father and brother.
(b) Job and Milton.
(c) His son and brother.
(d) Albert Camus and Romain Gary.

10. When is depression at its worst?
(a) A blue state.
(b) Painful sorrow.
(c) Fake feelings of sadness.
(d) Madness.

11. What quote from Baudelaire does Styron use to explain his feelings?
(a) "Madness is but a figment of the imagination."
(b) "I have felt the wind of the wing of madness."
(c) "Madness breeds madness."
(d) "Man's madness is his downfall."

12. What two substances contribute to Styron's depression?
(a) Heroin and tobacco.
(b) Alcohol and Halcion.
(c) Cocaine and alcohol.
(d) Tobacco and alcohol.

13. What causes Styron to lose his voice in Paris?
(a) Screaming until he was hoarse.
(b) Damp weather.
(c) Bronchitis.
(d) Severe depression and resulting lethargy.

14. After Primo Levi's suicide, what causes Styron to question the common view that those who commit suicide are weak and inept?
(a) Levi was involved in so many good causes.
(b) Levi had survived the Auschwitz and cared for his paralyzed mother.
(c) Levi was such a good writer.
(d) Levi worked out all the time and was very strong.

15. What happens to Styron during his museum visit in Paris?
(a) He complains to his wife about the museum the whole time.
(b) He runs out and leaves the group he was with.
(c) He begins to feel the late evening lethargy that always descends.
(d) He finds inspiration for another book.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Styron do for Hoffman regarding a political demonstration led by Hoffman?

2. What does Styron say about assigning reasons for suicide to those who take that route?

3. What symptoms did Jarrell suffer from that caused Styron to believe in Jarrell's suicide?

4. What does Styron say is the most universal symptom of depression?

5. What does Gary reveal to Styron about the effect the death of his ex-wife had on him?

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