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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sir Walter Scott and the Brontes linked what two illnesses interchangeably?
(a) Cancer and depression.
(b) Lukemia and depression.
(c) Melancholia and hypochondria.
(d) Influenza and depression.

2. Why would Jarrell's widow not want to admit he committed suicide?
(a) Because of the stigma of suicide.
(b) She didn't believe he committed suicide.
(c) Because she couldn't collect his life insurance.
(d) She was cheating on him.

3. Which group of people have more incidence of depression than all others?
(a) Children.
(b) Rich people.
(c) Poor people.
(d) Women suffer more than any other group of people.

4. What does Styron want us to understand about those who commit suicide?
(a) That they were always good writers.
(b) That they were weak and couldn't handle pain.
(c) That secrecy and shame are not the right reaction.
(d) That they had no other way to escape.

5. What does Styron realize in Paris that helps him understand what is happening to him?
(a) He can't think clearly anymore.
(b) He can't talk to his wife any more.
(c) The circadian cycle gives him moments of brief respite from the deep depression, giving clarity of thought.
(d) He begins to cry incessantly and realizes he is depressed.

6. What does Styron lose at the luncheon in Paris?
(a) His best friend.
(b) His mind.
(c) Control of his anger.
(d) His check for $25,000.

7. According to Styron, why is the word depression so hard for people to accept?
(a) It indicates a weak person.
(b) People can't understand what it means.
(c) It is the word for a hole in the ground, which is very demeaning for a name of a major illness.
(d) It has not been heard of before.

8. What three factors does Styron name as contributing to depression?
(a) Early loss, weak character, and no support.
(b) Chemicals in the brain, behavior, and genetics.
(c) Anger, fear, and desolation.
(d) Family trouble, job loss, and financial worries.

9. What philosophical question does Gary present as central to all philosophy; a question that confuses Styron until years later when he suffers his depression?
(a) Why does life have hardships?
(b) Are all suicides due to weak character?
(c) Does man depend on other men?
(d) Is life worth living?

10. What drugs does Styron's doctor give him that are NOT recommended for people with depression?
(a) Halcion and Ibuprofen.
(b) Prozac and Ativan.
(c) Penicillin and Halcion.
(d) Halcion and Ativan.

11. According to Styron, what do people closest to those who commit suicide often do?
(a) Denounce their loved one.
(b) Begin suffering from depression and are in danger of suicide also.
(c) Deny that the death was suicide.
(d) Grieve longer than for death from other reasons.

12. According to Styron, who wrote about depression and seemed to really understand it?
(a) Dante.
(b) Camus.
(c) Chaucer.
(d) Gary.

13. What does Styron think of these two people, who were close literary friends?
(a) He thinks they should have won the award.
(b) He doesn't think their writing was very good.
(c) He thinks they both had depression.
(d) He thinks they should move to America where they would be more recognized.

14. What does Styron say about assigning reasons for suicide to those who take that route?
(a) That people who commit suicide don't love their families.
(b) Most of the time the cause is not one incident, but overwhelming depression.
(c) That only weak people commit suicide.
(d) That people who commit suicide are justified in doing it.

15. Who is Styron's literary guide?
(a) Cino del Duca.
(b) Romain Gary.
(c) Albert Camus.
(d) Abbie Hoffman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it hard for Styron to recognize depression in his friend, Gary?

2. What does Styron say he will do with the prize money he won?

3. In what year does Styron first realize his illness could lead to his death?

4. What is the award Styron receives?

5. What happens to Gary's ex-wife?

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