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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9 and 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Styron respond to the experimental approach?
(a) He didn't notice anything, but was hopeful so did better.
(b) He was in mental anguish, wanting immediate relief.
(c) He demanded another drug.
(d) He immediately got better.

2. What does Styron say about alcohol's mood-altering characteristics?
(a) It had no effect on his mood.
(b) It is an upper, but depressed him.
(c) It is a depressant, but didn't depress him.
(d) It lightened his mood for a good amount of time.

3. Why is Styron so sad about Hoffman's suicide?
(a) He was such a good writer.
(b) He was so valuable to mankind.
(c) He was not really depressed, so why did he commit suicide?
(d) He was so young and vital.

4. What does Styron realize in Paris that helps him understand what is happening to him?
(a) He begins to cry incessantly and realizes he is depressed.
(b) He can't talk to his wife any more.
(c) He can't think clearly anymore.
(d) The circadian cycle gives him moments of brief respite from the deep depression, giving clarity of thought.

5. What two feelings does Styron experience as he planned his suicide?
(a) Hopelessness and despair.
(b) Terror and fascination.
(c) Love for his wife and hopelessness for himself.
(d) Despondency and fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the doctor tell Styron about his medicine, Halcion, and its dosage?

2. At the dinner party, how does Styron react to the four friends?

3. According to Styron, who wrote about depression and seemed to really understand it?

4. What does the suicide of another of Styron's friends lead him to believe?

5. What pressing question does Styron have about the course of depression?

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