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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6 and 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What effect does the failure of medicines to act quickly have on the depressed person?
(a) Many of them commit suicide.
(b) It keeps them in a state of anxiety and hopelessness.
(c) They get better even though the medicines don't work.
(d) They give up and do something different.

2. During one sleepless episode, what does Styron realize about his illness?
(a) That he is recovering.
(b) That he is a very weak person to let it rule his life.
(c) It will take his life if allowed to continue.
(d) That he needs to get a handle on it.

3. What three factors does Styron name as contributing to depression?
(a) Family trouble, job loss, and financial worries.
(b) Chemicals in the brain, behavior, and genetics.
(c) Early loss, weak character, and no support.
(d) Anger, fear, and desolation.

4. Why does Styron say he was betrayed the summer before he was hospitalized?
(a) He could not longer drink any alcohol at all.
(b) His wife cheated on him.
(c) His doctor treated him with the wrong drug.
(d) His friends deserted him.

5. What does Styron lose at the luncheon in Paris?
(a) Control of his anger.
(b) His check for $25,000.
(c) His mind.
(d) His best friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Styron's psychiatrist do that sends him into a deep depression?

2. In the depth of his depression in Paris, what does Styron realize he would have to decide?

3. What does Styron say depression is like?

4. How did Levi's friends and admirers react to his suicide?

5. According to Styron, what is between Gaelic and Americana?

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