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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What bothers Styron about his meeting with Gary's estranged wife?
(a) That Gary was letting his estranged wife live with him.
(b) That he didn't understand her deep depression and what it meant.
(c) Gary's wife wasn't very involved with her son.
(d) Their son was caught between their differences.

2. What does Styron say is the most universal symptom of depression?
(a) Sadness.
(b) Intense anxiety.
(c) Self-hatred or lack of self-esteem.
(d) Loss of friendships.

3. What does the suicide of another of Styron's friends lead him to believe?
(a) That he would soon have to face the fact that his own suicide is his only way out.
(b) That life isn't worth living.
(c) That he isn't a very good friend to others since he can't help them.
(d) That his friends must be weak.

4. Why doesn't Styron recognize Camus's depression?
(a) Camus hid it very well because he was embarrassed by it.
(b) He didn't believe in depression at the time.
(c) He didn't know Camus very well.
(d) He had never experienced depression himself, so had no real clue.

5. Styron agrees with what literary guide's belief?
(a) Man's alienation from other men.
(b) Depression never causes suicide.
(c) Depression always leads to suicide.
(d) All men suffer from deep depression.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the award Styron receives?

2. Why is Styron not worried about the loss?

3. Which group of people does depression never happen to?

4. What does Styron believe about a depressed colleague's decision to ride with a reckless driver?

5. According to Styron, how many women have won the Prix Mondial Cino del Duca award?

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