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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens before Styron meets with Camus?
(a) Camus dies in a car accident.
(b) Camus gets upset at Styron for his moods.
(c) Camus leaves Paris.
(d) Camus leaves on his honeymoon.

2. What does Styron say depression is like?
(a) Makes him angry at everyone.
(b) An extra sleepy mood.
(c) A sadness.
(d) Drowning or suffocation.

3. Why doesn't Styron recognize Camus's depression?
(a) Camus hid it very well because he was embarrassed by it.
(b) He didn't know Camus very well.
(c) He didn't believe in depression at the time.
(d) He had never experienced depression himself, so had no real clue.

4. What does Gary reveal to Styron about the effect the death of his ex-wife had on him?
(a) He was afraid she had committed suicide.
(b) He was afraid he would be suspected in her death.
(c) He finally felt free again.
(d) He began to suffer greatly from deep depression.

5. What clues does Gary reveal that Styron later learns was probably signs of deep depression?
(a) Shaky hands and weak, quiet voice.
(b) Constant weepiness.
(c) Withdrawal from friendships.
(d) Lack of cohesive thought.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Styron's literary guide?

2. What does Styron think after his flashback?

3. Which group of people does depression never happen to?

4. According to Styron, how many women have won the Prix Mondial Cino del Duca award?

5. What is Styron not able to recover?

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