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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Styron so sad about Hoffman's suicide?
(a) He was so young and vital.
(b) He was such a good writer.
(c) He was not really depressed, so why did he commit suicide?
(d) He was so valuable to mankind.

2. What is Styron's reaction to being admitted to the hospital?
(a) He is afraid his wife will leave him.
(b) He feels safe for the first time since he became depressed.
(c) He is depressed about it.
(d) He is afraid his friends will desert him.

3. What new approach does Styron's psychiatrist use?
(a) Disattachment therapy.
(b) DSM recommendations.
(c) Pharmacological, without physical and mental support.
(d) Psychoanalysis.

4. What term does Styron give to the loss of a parent or something early in life?
(a) Incomplete mourning.
(b) Dark depression.
(c) Lifelong loss.
(d) Insurmountable loss.

5. What happens to persons in physical pain that is not experienced with mental pain?
(a) Depression hurts worse.
(b) Ones in physical pain receive medicine but don't get better.
(c) Mental pain doesn't disable one as much as physical pain.
(d) A superhuman ability to endure physical pain for a time.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Styron's avoidance of death due to?

2. What does Styron say is absent in depression that causes it to be so difficult to endure?

3. What is Styron not able to recover?

4. Who does Styron compare his psychiatrist to?

5. How does Styron indicate he was planning to die?

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