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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6 and 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does this music make him realize?
(a) That he couldn't leave all the pleasant memories that the house around him held.
(b) That he didn't want to life any more.
(c) That his suicide would hurt his wife too much.
(d) That music could restore his soul.

2. How does Camus's essay about a prisoner on death row impact Styron's writing?
(a) It causes him to want to write much better than he felt Camus did.
(b) It gives him some ideas about stories he wants to write.
(c) It leads to his using a narrator on death row to tell the story in "Confessions of Nat Turner."
(d) It causes him to stop writing for a while.

3. What does Styron believe he needs to get well that can be provided by the hospital?
(a) Freedom from other people and their advise.
(b) More medicine.
(c) A controlled environment and more time.
(d) Psychotherapy.

4. What happens before Styron meets with Camus?
(a) Camus leaves on his honeymoon.
(b) Camus gets upset at Styron for his moods.
(c) Camus dies in a car accident.
(d) Camus leaves Paris.

5. According to Styron, who wrote about depression and seemed to really understand it?
(a) Chaucer.
(b) Camus.
(c) Gary.
(d) Dante.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two feelings does Styron experience as he planned his suicide?

2. How does Styron explain his approach to his self-destruction?

3. What is the hardest piece of writing Styron attempted during his depression?

4. What is a probable reason that Styron's doctor or family don't suggest hospitalization for him?

5. What is Styron's reaction to being admitted to the hospital?

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