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Design a Stamp

Many stamps are designed to honor a special person for sports accomplishments, works of art, etc. Design a stamp commemorating Styron for his lifetime accomplishments, primarily his work/interest in depression.


Styron has several friends he admired. One of them was Romain Gary, who he admired for several reasons, including caring for his ex-wife in her deepest depression. Write a eulogy that Styron might have written for Gary, detailing the variety of reasons he mentioned in the book for admiring him.

Accomplishments List

At the height of his depression, William Styron thinks he doesn't have anything to be proud of himself for. Often, an individual doesn't look at themselves realistically, even if not depressed. Make a list of all your accomplishments to this point. Don't forget the small ones, like that "A" on a test, or passing an especially hard course. Other examples may...

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