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Chapter 1

• In October 1985, Styron receives the Prix Mondial Cino del Duca award in Paris.

• When passing the Washington Motel, Styron flashes back to his stay in 1952.

• Styron feels he has now come full circle.

• Styron says he feels he will never see Paris again.

• The Cino del Duca award is given to artists and scientists dedicated to humanism.

• Depression had already set in on Styron and he almost refused the award.

• Styron says most of award will be donated to charity, but a small portion will be kept by him.

• A portion being kept was to pay to go back to New York and see a psychiatrist.

• Styron truthfully reveals his symptoms, but little help is available at that time.

• Styron attends the events he is required to attend, but friends see that something is terribly wrong.

• Riding in the car, Styron thinks of Albert Camus and Romain...

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