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Kat Falls
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Gemma plan to stay while under the ocean?

2. What is falsley marked as a science lab in the ocean?

3. What is the Specter?

4. What causes Zoe to yell at Gemma?

5. What does Ty's sister beg him not to do in their house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ty jokingly say is Zoe's Dark Gift?

2. Where did the gang come from in the beginning?

3. Where does Gemma say she got her knife?

4. What is so strange about the setting of this book?

5. What do Eel and Pretty want to know from Ty?

6. How does Ty meet Gemma?

7. How does Gemma feel about the idea of life under the sea, and why?

8. What does Gemma tell Ty she loves so much about his community?

9. What is Ty doing at the beginning of the book?

10. Why does Gemma say she is searching for her brother?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are Dark Gifts, and how did they shape this plot?

Essay Topic 2

How did Ty's relationship with Gemma change over the course of the plot? What caused these changes, and what significance does this have to the outcome of the book?

Essay Topic 3

This book is set in a futuristic setting. How realistic did this feel to you, and why?

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