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Kat Falls
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Akai mean?
(a) Sonar strength.
(b) Strange boy.
(c) Sea born.
(d) Dark gift.

2. What action does Shade use to show Gemma he loves her?
(a) He signs I Love You to her.
(b) He blows her a kiss.
(c) He presses his fist to his heart.
(d) He wipes away a tear.

3. Whom does Ty call when he sees Grimes unconscious?
(a) Shade.
(b) Nobody.
(c) Doc.
(d) His mother.

4. Who does Ty say needs to govern the settlers?
(a) Themselves.
(b) The school system.
(c) The Commonwealth.
(d) The outlaws.

5. How does Shade respond when Gemma asks if she can live with him?
(a) Kindly.
(b) Harshly.
(c) Reluctantly.
(d) Sadly.

6. How is Gemma's life saved?
(a) She gets oxygen.
(b) She gets mouth to mouth.
(c) Her heart is shocked.
(d) Sonar is used to communicate with her.

7. How did Shade hide who he was from Gemma for so long?
(a) He is a shape shifter.
(b) He changed his voice.
(c) He stayed in the shadows.
(d) He never looked her in the eye.

8. What causes Ty to run out of the infirmary?
(a) A nurse brings in a needle.
(b) He hears Gemma screaming.
(c) Doc wants to take his vitals.
(d) He remembers Zoe is in trouble.

9. What color is Shade when he comes in the house?
(a) Red.
(b) Blue.
(c) White.
(d) Black.

10. What does Ty see coming towards Gemma while she is kicking off her disguise?
(a) A white form.
(b) A black shadow.
(c) Some strange bubbles.
(d) A school of fish.

11. What animal rescues the settlers when there is a crack in the wall?
(a) Sharks.
(b) Anemones.
(c) Whales.
(d) Dolphins.

12. What is Ty told to protect when something appears above the house?
(a) The family.
(b) The information.
(c) The house.
(d) The livestock.

13. What favor does Ty ask of Shade?
(a) To teach others about Dark Gifts.
(b) To emancipate Gemma.
(c) To not attack any settlers.
(d) To rebuild what he destroyed.

14. What is Shade looking for when he comes inside the house?
(a) Gemma.
(b) The food stash.
(c) The information.
(d) The weapon rack.

15. When did Gemma realize Shade's identity?
(a) When he was in the cage.
(b) When he was in the house.
(c) When he spoke.
(d) When he looked in a mirror.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Ty's parents put on when something appears above the house?

2. How does Ty find out Gemma is running away again?

3. Where was Ty born?

4. What was Gemma on a waiting list for when she ran away?

5. How does Eel destroy the viewphone?

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