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Kat Falls
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 4-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ty's house is shaped like __________.
(a) A boat.
(b) A net.
(c) A castle.
(d) A jelly fish.

2. How does Ty feel about his Dark Gift?
(a) He wants to keep it secret.
(b) He wants to perfect it.
(c) He wants to teach others.
(d) He wants to use it to get rich.

3. Where do Ty and Gemma go together?
(a) The Authority sub.
(b) The Trade Station.
(c) The Commonwealth hub.
(d) The Canyon Entrance.

4. Where does Ty live?
(a) In a government agency.
(b) In a hotel.
(c) In a barn.
(d) In the ocean.

5. Who takes Gemma below decks?
(a) Manuel.
(b) Jibby.
(c) Richard.
(d) Ty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of pool is in Ty's house?

2. How long has Jibby been subsea?

3. What is the task of Ty's settlement?

4. What does Ty run into with his Mantaboard?

5. How does Gemma react to Ty's lie about being at the meeting?

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