Objects & Places from Dark Life: Book 1

Kat Falls
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Benthic Settlement

This is the underwater territory that the first subsea pioneers settled in.

The Commonwealth of States

This is the government that controls all the areas of human civilization found in the story.

Emergency Law

Ever since the land started being swallowed by the sea, the government has been following this.


This is a special kind of suit that monitors the person's vitals, keeping them at the right temperature and protecting them to a certain extent from the water pressure.


This is a special fluid that people can fill their lungs with in order to breathe underwater.


This is a board that a person can attach themselves to and then propel themselves at high speed through the water.


These are boats that can travel underwater, with air-filled rooms inside.

Seablite Gang

This is a group of outlaws that plagues the sea.

Black Pearls

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