Objects & Places from Dark Life: Book 1

Kat Falls
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Benthic Settlement - This is the underwater territory that the first subsea pioneers settled in.

The Commonwealth of States - This is the government that controls all the areas of human civilization found in the story.

Emergency Law - Ever since the land started being swallowed by the sea, the government has been following this.

Diveskins - This is a special kind of suit that monitors the person's vitals, keeping them at the right temperature and protecting them to a certain extent from the water pressure.

Liquigen - This is a special fluid that people can fill their lungs with in order to breathe underwater.

Mantaboard - This is a board that a person can attach themselves to and then propel themselves at high speed through the water.

Sub - These are boats that can travel underwater, with air-filled rooms inside.

Seablite Gang - This is a...

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