Dark Life: Book 1 Fun Activities

Kat Falls
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Telephone/ Gossip

Play telephone or gossip with the class. Put them in a circle and whisper messages or quotations from the book in one student's ear. Have the students pass this along by whispering into the next person's ear. Have the last person in the circle state what message they ended up with. Discuss this with the class as it pertains to the rumors spread about the gang.

Art in Multiple Mediums

Create a piece of art in any medium that portrays one of the basic themes of the book. Have different groups do different themes, and then have the class view all the different works.


Have the students break into groups. Have each group create a new and more fitting title for this book. Make sure they are ready to defend their choice.

Dust Jackets

Create a dust jacket for this book. Have the students all...

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