Dark Life: Book 1 Character Descriptions

Kat Falls
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Ty, Akai - This character is a fifteen-year-old boy who lives under the ocean with his parents and his little sister.

Gemma Straid - This character is a fifteen-year-old Topsider girl who has run away from her boarding house in order to find her older brother.

Zoe - This character is a very pretty girl with beautiful ringlets and wide eyes.

Hewitt Peavey - This character can sense information about the ocean such as pressure and temperature.

Jibby - This character is desperate for a wife, but he cannot convince young women to move subsea as they are afraid of the hardships and the dangers.

Raj - This character is often quite severe and will watch out for other settlers' children as he hopes they look out for his girl.

Ranger Grimes - This character is the only security officer assigned to Benthic Territory, and is widely...

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