Dark Life: Book 1 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kat Falls
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Chapters 1-3

• Ty is exploring Coldsleep Canyon, the underwater ruins of the East Coast of the United States, when a lantern shark attacks him. He gets on his manta board and runs away.

• He runs into a submarine and rushes in to get away from the shark. It is here he runs into Gemma, a Topsider.
• She says she is looking for her brother, and Ty offers to help her. They see a shadow pass. It is the Specter, the ship of the outlaws.

• One of them get on the sub, but Ty locks his arm in an airlock and he and Gemma get out to safety. They take her mini-sub to the Trade Station.
• Jibby, Ty's neighbor, says that if they are looking for someone, they should go to the Settler's meeting, as they would know best.

• As they are about to do this, Ty is spotted...

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