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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Moira say about the Dance?
(a) They aren't sure how much time has passed during the transport.
(b) It may separate them.
(c) It may not let their magic objects through.
(d) It is unreliable.

2. What does Cian say he feels like when he puts on the cloak?
(a) An extra in a B movie.
(b) Nosferatu.
(c) A dork.
(d) Like he has died and gone to hell.

3. What does Niall tell Larkin after Blair is able to beat him in combat?
(a) He asks Larkin if she has any little sisters.
(b) She fights as good as she looks.
(c) She must be a man in disguise.
(d) He will fight Larkin for Blair because she is a true woman.

4. What does Moira think of in reference to who Cian is?
(a) Like it is something he is deep inside.
(b) Like it is a disease.
(c) Like it is something he used to be.
(d) She doesn't think of it at all.

5. What does Moira tell the crowd she is going to do?
(a) Leave for Ireland.
(b) Fight beside them.
(c) Whatever it takes to keep her kingdom safe.
(d) Listen to their desires.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Moira call Blair to come see her?

2. What does Larkin's mother tell Blair?

3. What has happened to the family that is in distress?

4. What does the young girl say to Glenna when she tells her that vampires can run like lightning?

5. How does Blair plan to capture one of the vampires?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Larkin and Blair discuss about going back to the woods?

2. Describe the scene when Blair comes to Larkin's room with a bottle of whiskey.

3. What happens when Blair enters the training room?

4. Describe the scene when the demonstration first begins at sunset.

5. What happens when the group reaches the castle?

6. What happens when Blair reaches the second set of traps?

7. Describe the scene when Moira goes to Cian's room.

8. Describe the encounter that Blair and Larkin have with the goddess Morrigan.

9. Describe the journey to the Dance.

10. Describe the scene when Lora appears to Blair in a vision.

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