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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blair tell Glenna when she is asking what is essential in Glenna's trunk?
(a) Glenna will have to bring a car just for the luggage.
(b) The horse cannot carry the trunk.
(c) They have to go in lean and mobile.
(d) They cannot take the ugly trunk.

2. How do Moira and Larkin get back to the woods?
(a) They walk.
(b) Larkin changes to a horse.
(c) Larkin changes to a dragon.
(d) They take a wagon.

3. What does Larkin tell Blair that she had been swinging when he got to her?
(a) A tree branch.
(b) A bone.
(c) A rock.
(d) A broken sword.

4. Where do they find the vampires?
(a) An abandoned barn.
(b) A cave.
(c) A gypsie's wagon.
(d) An underground cellar.

5. What does Blair say about Moira after Moira has left?
(a) Moira is not ready to be a queen.
(b) Moira is looking like a queen.
(c) Moira looks ill.
(d) Moira needs some help.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many vampires is Blair able to capture in the woods?

2. What does Blair tell them about Lora?

3. What does Blair check on their way back to the castle?

4. What does Riddock say when Blair asks him if he will fight?

5. What does Blair say when Larkin says that Lilith has been to the battle ground before planning out the battle?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the flight that Larkin and Blair take.

2. What happens when the group reaches the castle?

3. What happens when Blair reaches the second set of traps?

4. What do Blair and the others find when they go out looking for the vampires?

5. Describe the encounter that Blair and Larkin have with the goddess Morrigan.

6. Describe the scene when the demonstration first begins at sunset.

7. What does Glenna asks Blair to do in Chapter 10?

8. What happens when Lora and Blair face each other?

9. Describe the conversation that Blair has with Larkin's mother.

10. What happens when Blair enters the training room?

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